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  • people keep saying something about busybox (even though coolpstuts didnt say anything about it) and how i need it set a certain way and to make it easier go download the apps to sd application and blah blah blah . but im lost
    now i was actually trying to follow coolpstuts instructions but i kept erasing all my applications and now i cant even turn my whole sd card back to a full fat32 so now im kinda pissed i cant even go back to a full 8gb sd anymore so now i feel like i have 2 gb of useless space so that drives me to want to do it even more
    lol ok ive been through this **** all day yday groing from post to post trying to figure out what i was doing and ive partiotioned 2gb of my 8gb sd and the main one is fat 32 and the 2gb is ext2 finally after i figured out wtf partitioned even meant
    ok im lost from the begining bro gotta talk to me like a child when it comes to this stuff adb shell? partitioned to fat32 then ext2?
    Hey wuz. Up do u know to move the apps to sd cuz I down loaded the cupcake 0.8. Apps to sd and I don't see it happening. So hit me up on my profile on here
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