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    Thread Bluetooth not working with Slide to Unlock

    Has anyone figured out a solution to the problem when S2U2 is active that pressing the button on the bluetooth headset does not activate the voice dial feature? I have version .99 install and it was a known issue back then. I have not seen that any of the newer versions have a fix for this...
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    Thread so who's switching to the new iphone in a month?

    New iphone?? Seems like 3G iphone is ready for delivery. I wonder if it has GPS as well. That could very well make it something to consider as an alternative to the Kaiser... I love my Kaiser, but my wife has an iphone and it does do certain things better. With Jailbreak, there are plenty...
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    Post How I fixed the speakerphone on the Tilt

    If you are trying to fix your speakerphone I recommend following the instructions in the first two posts. The patch is in post 2...
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    Post Blue Ant or Jawbone?

    One thing I have noticed with the Z9 is that it doesn't do that well in the wind. Also, I have to make sure that I turn the Z9 on before I turn BT on my Tilt. If it is already on, the Tilt will not pair to it... Not sure if I am doing something wrong, but so far that is my experience. It...
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    Post Blue Ant or Jawbone?

    Just checking in here... I did order the Podfitkit a while back. After two tries (there is enough for maybe 4 or 5) I got a very comfortable fit on the Z9. Been using it for quite some time and it is very durable. I do have to pull it out a bit when charging, but it does so easily and can be...
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    Post How I fixed the speakerphone on the Tilt

    I am pretty sure I installed it first from the cab and then it was in the uninstall list. I had removed/changed a bunch of settings in the registry when I tried to get Voice Command working so I did the install. When it didn't work I uninstalled then reinstalled and then did the patch which...
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    Post Tilt Reminders from Hell

    I may be a bigboy, but I'm weely weely scared!!! I just changed it to 1 and will let you know... :cool:
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    Post Tilt Reminders from Hell

    I think 0 is the default. What should it be changed to? I would like it to be 1 minute. So change to 1?
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    Post HTC ALBUM - New Version - HTC.Album.1.0.1030.720 - download here...

    It would be nice to have it remember the last directory without having to navigate each time you open the program. I save in storage/my document/pictures and that is three steps to get there each time. If I make new directory in pictures that is 4 steps EACH time... Not very friendly. The...
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    Post How I fixed the speakerphone on the Tilt

    Did you delete CVSD first then reinstall?? Or did you just install the new version over the old? As I said originally, I'm not sure what actually got fixed, only that it did get fixed after doing this... I was hoping that it could be replicated by someone else or that we could figure out just...
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    Post Huge problem!!!

    Thats doggone lucky!! Just another reason to have a dog around...
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    Post low mic voice while on loudspeaker

    Check this out. I found a cure for my Tilt's speakerphone! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=388331
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    Post *TrackMe* GPS/CellID Tracking tool for Google Earth & Google Maps

    Ok...I'm in late on this, but I have to say this is a VERY COOL program! I have to figure out just how I am going to put Geofence to work for me...
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    Post Opera 9.5 Beta (9.33) - File Association Fix.

    Here is a cab I picked up on another forum that resets defaults back to PIE. Worked for me...
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    Post Unresolved Tilt Issues (Please Contribute)

    Fix for speakerphone found For those with the problem of an unusable speakerphone, check this thread. I am curious if it can be reproduced on another Tilt with the same problem. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=388331