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    Post Proximity Sensor Issue

    There is no fix. This is apparently the way AOD works now. I can't remember if it started with the S10s or S20s.
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    Post S20 FE Cases and Covers

    I just picked up this Anccer case in green from Amazon. The color is darker than in the pictures and looks even better imo. Not much drop protection, but it's very light and low profile, which is what I was looking for. There is a slight lip around the screen and camera though I wish it were a...
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    Post Bixby button remap?

    Another vote for Side Actions. From the same developer as BX Actions.
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    Post HDR compability?

    Neither Netflix nor Prime shows in HDR for me on the S20 FE. Youtube detects the display is HDR capable, but does not seem to activate HDR (e.g., by maxing the brightness). My guess is Samsung caught these content providers by surprise with the release of the S20 FE, so they haven't had time to...
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    Post Cheap glass screen protectors

    Don't think so. The camera bump is different.
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    Post [APP][6.0+] NetGuard - No-root firewall

    2.228 works much better. Thanks for the quick fix!
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    Post [APP][6.0+] NetGuard - No-root firewall

    I just updated to 2.227 and certain websites (e.g.,, no longer load at all. They load fine once netguard is disabled.
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    Post [PSA] 7.0 nougat update defaults the screen res to 1080p

    Thanks for the heads up! No lag here either. In fact I'm kind of impressed how buttery smooth everything is so far.
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    Post The Dell Venue 8 7840 has a secret.

    Very interesting... this might be just the tablet I'm looking for, as I use LectureNotes extensively on my various Galaxy Note devices. If you set LectureNotes to "Use stylus (hardware detection)" does the tablet still detect the stylus?
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    Thread Drilling a hole in flip cover for LED notifications...

    Has anyone successfully drilled a hole in any flip cover so they can see the notification LED light on their Note 5? I know this trick worked with prior Note models, but I seem to recall reading somewhere the LED is disabled when the Samsung flip cover is closed. Can anyone confirm the...
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    Post Keep My iPad Mini Or Trade For Samsung Note 8.0?

    If you take handwritten notes, then yay. Otherwise, nay.
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    Post Making Calls on the Note 8 With Hangouts 2.3...

    Weird... I haven't seen anything like that. Are you located outside the U.S. and/or trying to call internationally?
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    Thread Making Calls on the Note 8 With Hangouts 2.3...

    As you probably know, Google just released a Hangouts Dialer that you can use with a new version of Hangouts (2.3) to make VOIP calls. I was curious to see if I could use it with my Note 8 (Wifi). Unfortunately, while I was able to download the Dialer, the Play Store said Hangouts 2.3 was...
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    Post Looking for Google Experience launcher

    The Google Experience Launcher is now available in the Play Store. I installed it on my Note 8 and have been reasonably pleased. The problem is I can't seem to get the "ok Google" detection to work. It works fine if I press the microphone button, but won't recognize it when I say "ok Google"...
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    Post AT&T Note 3 GPS Navigation Issues

    The problem most people had, and that Kit Kat has fixed (for me, at least), wasn't just losing GPS signal. It was that, when you lost GPS, it didn't automatically reconnect. You had to manually toggle the GPS on and off to get it back. To clarify, are you still having that problem after updating?