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    Post Which phone do you use right now?

    samsung s8+
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    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    Amazon Do you like online shopping or going to market to buy goods?
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    Post Three word story

    any info about
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    Post Answer a question, then ask one!

    never had tablet. htc 10 or samsung s7 edge
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    Post Three word story

    that doesnot matter
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    Post [Q] clash of clans

    I think it won't work and even if it worked, two people won't be play at same time, it will say 'another device trying to connect your village' .
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    Post Vibration motor

    had the same problem, sent to htc repair to get it resolved
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    Post [ROM] MaximusHD 10.0.0 | JB 4.2.2 | Sense 5.0 | Fast&Stable | OTA | 4.06.401.1

    you need to flash boot.img from inside the patch using fastboot in order for it to work
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    Post [ROM][JB][11.07] Team Venom presents: ViperOne S 3.2.1 - Welcome to the future

    just tested download link working. There are two download button on dev-host, press Download Now (the below one). File should be approx 896 mb.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.2][Sense 6][SVN] LIBERTY ROM - The Sixth Element

    try 4.4.2 version of this rom.
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2][Lollipop][Preview] Sense 6 Liberty ROM

    Thnx I'll post the fixed zip l8r today.... ? Edit: just did my research and have come to conclusion that we might not be able to do that because: our problem is not filecontext stopping qcks to read partition, HTC Droid DNA is using mdm and have the same radio as m7 just different partition...
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2][Lollipop][Preview] Sense 6 Liberty ROM

    wifi is working network not
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][4.4.3][Sense 6] LIBERTY ROM - The Sixth Sense

    yes bluetooth and gps are working
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    Thread [ROM][5.0.2][Lollipop][Preview] Sense 6 Liberty ROM

    NOTE: RIL is not working atm Liberty ROMs presents an alpha port of Sense 6 and Lollipop Screenshots: Whats Working: Audio Camera (s) Display Bluetooth WiFi What's not working: Connectivity. Downloads: Liberty Roms First boot might take a bit longer, it's normal...