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    Post Question Rooting... Worth it? Or hassle?

    Swift Backup may not be for everyone because backups are encrypted using your Google login. If you lose access to the Google account for whatever reason which was used for the backups, you'd lose your backups. Personally I prefer to have offline access to all my backups. Here's what one of the...
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    Post How to install / get back uninstalled Apps (APKs) with ADB.

    Try re-enabling using these methods. adb shell cmd package install-existing com.android.shell OR Find the shell APK file and path via: pm dump com.android.shell | grep path then reinstall it via pm install -r --user 0 <full_path_and_file.apk>
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    Post Samsung Galaxy s9 Demo Security Error

    You could just replace the motherboard from Ebay for around 50 bucks (USD). Make sure it's a regular unlocked version (both FRP and network), any carrier will do since you can cross flash any firmware of your choice (no need for the demo anymore). Just a heads up, demo units sometimes are...
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    Post Root For S7/S7Edge Oreo And Nougat

    *** This root should work on ANY model G930/G935 A/P/Rx/T/V/U with bootloader version Rev.A/10 or lower. *** *** DO NOT update to the latest firmware with bootloader Rev.B/11 or higher, it's not rootable at this time, and cannot be downgraded! ***
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    Post G960U and G960U1 Firmware Links Here

    Unfortunately there's no combination firmware available yet for bootloader v9, however you can use paid services to remove the FRP.
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1]

    Most likely your phone already has a bootloader version 8 or 9 firmware on, unfortunately there's no way to downgrade it. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Informaton > Build Number > if the 5th digit from right to left is greater than 7, then no can do. You can wait for a new root for...
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1]

    Well, that's certainly possible. Does that unofficial factory bootloader unlock from China you posted a link for work on other devices besides the Note 20 Ultra 5G, such as on the older S8/S9/S10 series?
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    Post [Utility] Odin for Linux !!! (JOdin3 CASUAL)

    Are there any advantages/features that this Linux version have over the Windows app? Yes I know it's Linux ;)
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1]

    I've actually seen it myself one of my customers from overseas had a G960U flashed with "F"-ish firmware in one of those back alley phone stores. lol From what I can tell it's a "Frankenstein firmware", with its parts combined from the "U" and "F" versions... kind of silly.
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    Post [NEW METHOD][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    You have to heat it with a heat gun set to 200F (alternatively with a hair dryer), then use a thin metal prying tool to nudge it off carefully, it's very fragile and can crack easily (in case it does, you get can get a replacement back online for a few bucks). Also be extremely careful not to...
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    Post [NEW METHOD][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [Snapdragon][G950U/U1][V8 Bootloaders]

    As a last resort, you could try to open the phone disconnect the battery cable, reconnect it and try again with the Vol- + Bixby + Power. It has worked for me a couple of times.
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    Post [Utility] Odin for Linux !!! (JOdin3 CASUAL)

    It's running fine, but F.Reset, Nand Erase, and some other buttons are grayed out. Is that normal in this Linux/Java version?
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    Post Verizon native tether subscription bypass

    That message has nothing to do with tethering, while you were popping the sim in and out, Verizon has resent the Visual Voice mail configuration while sensing that the sim card has been removed, that's all it is.
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    Post Root For S7/S7Edge Oreo And Nougat

    The answer is that the bootloader is fused electronically, you can only flash an equal or higher version bootloader/firmware. It's a hardware protection implemented by most phone manufacturers, and there's no known way around it. If there was, we would have root on all bootloader versions by...
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    Post [Tool] Frija - Samsung firmware downloader/checker

    It was driving me nuts too unable to get Frija to work on Win7. Finally I installed the DotNET Framwork v4.6.1 since the app was compiled on that version as suggested by SlackingVeteran. Low and behold, it started working just fine. Give it a try, there's nothing else to install or uninstall...