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    Post Now you can not change CSC code with firmware + SIM-card

    In order to have all bands available supported by the hardware with any sim card, first flash the phone with XAA firmware, then change the CSC to XAA using any free tool such as F*ckFRP or SamFw...
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    Post [TOOL] A QUICK Android OTA payload dumper

    No need to put "./" in front of the filename, just enter payload-dumper-go.exe payload.bin
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    Post Question How to ROOT A32 5G

    Rooting is not necessarily to run games, but to mod the phone with custom firmware and debloating.
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    Post [Android][UNSAMLOCK] Bootloader Unlock for Samsung US/Canada Devices

    What's the highest bootloader version of the S10e G970U which is supported for unlock? Do you think that in the future you'll be able to do even the latest bootloaders or that's not possible?
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    Post Fairphone Brick Fastboot / ADB

    Try reflashing it with the factory original firmware using their own flashing tool. Once you got it working with that, then you can try flashing it with whatever you want. Till then, there just too many variables with custom ROM.
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    Post [Android][UNSAMLOCK] Bootloader Unlock for Samsung US/Canada Devices

    @afaneh92 I have a G970U1 with bit 4 firmware UEU4FUA4 on Android 11. If it possible to unlock te bootloader?
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    Post [ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G965U/U1]

    If your computer only has USB3 ports, then plug in a USB2 hub, and that should solve your issue. If not then try a different computer.
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    Post [2022][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1/W][G965U/U1/W]

    Are you saying that the CP alone cannot be updated on any series 10 and higher, or it can be updated on the 10 series only? What about the S9? Even if it gets bricked as long as the bootloader is still on v4 (G970), I should be able to reflash it with the full v4 stock to fix the brick.
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    Post [2022][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1/W][G965U/U1/W]

    While the boot unlock is encrypted by a token, it's probably used for some kind of internal testing purposes by Samsung, where persistence across newer firmwares/bootloader is not important. Similar to eng-boots which only work for a specific firmware/binary version. I will probably get my...
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    Post [2022][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1/W][G965U/U1/W]

    Right, but normally unlocked bootloaders such as on Exynos models allow flashing with the latest factory firmware/bootloader. Not mocking this in any way, of course this is still better than nothing, including those buggy eng-boot hacks (ex G93x series) which are hard to come by lately.
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    Post [Pie/10/11] [System-as-root] Multidisabler: disables encryption, Vaultkeeper, auto-flash of stock recovery, proca, wsm, cass, etc.

    Here's the source script.
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    Post [SM_G970U/U1/W_Snapdragon]-[Upgrade Easily Android 11 To 12 Using Odin]-[Automatically Root Remove Forceencrypt Patch Bluetooth And Fix Safetynet]

    I was wondering, will this update the radio (CP) to the latest version from the bit 6 factory firmware while retaining the bit 4 bootloader?
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    Post [2022][ROOT] [Extreme Syndicate] [G960U/U1/W][G965U/U1/W]

    So basically this is booloader "bypass" up to a certain version, not a true unlock which normally allows flashing the latest factory firmware including a new bootloader. Well, I guess it's better than nothing, at least we can flash one of your custom roms, which obviously doesn't upgrade/lock...
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    Post [Guide] Enabling additional LTE Bands on the Galaxy S7 with U firmware

    You can only enable bands which are supported by the hardware but hidden via software (NV items). Band 14 is a new ATT FirstNet band, and most likely not supported by the hardware of the S7 series which was made in 2016. Same goes for other bands such as 66 and 71, they came out much later.
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    Post Question Galaxy A02 FRP Bypass?

    You can find remote FRP unlocking solutions on Ebay (runs about 20 bucks). Basically you hook up the phone to your pc and run a USB redirector software, then a tech on the other hand uses the official Samsung server to calculate the FRP key for any Samsung model and firmware version. It worked...