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    Post [8.1][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-6.2.1 [Z00L/Z00T]

    For the UI lag in every rom, it might be related to the drying up of the thermal paste, I once opened my device and found the thermal paste to be completely dry, although I don't use this device much but applying a fresh thermal paste inside the device might help. I was facing lag even in the...
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    Post [Troubleshoot] PIT FILE Bootloader CSC Modem, firmware and Debrick Image for s7562

    Use GT-I9000 flash files only. There is literally no device by GT-I9000L. checked here I had an Indian model, flashed Thailand firmware, then even flashed Hungarian firmware. So I had that problem with it as well. firstly choose any one full firmware file with it's baseband, don't mix between...
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    Post [Troubleshoot] PIT FILE Bootloader CSC Modem, firmware and Debrick Image for s7562

    These files are only meant for Samsung S duos s7562 ONLY, you used it on another device. (I don't even know of a Samsung device by model Number Gt8262L) This results in a hard brick, usually you don't even get auto restart or any logo But since your device is still booting up and restarting...
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    Post [Troubleshoot] PIT FILE Bootloader CSC Modem, firmware and Debrick Image for s7562

    Well PIT files are the same for any region for a particular device. As long as the model number and variant is same you are good to go. I have done this on my device and never faced any issue in recovering any of my device. Just make sure of the model number. But before flashing PIT files you...
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    Post [INDEX] App Translators - Developers, we translate your apps! [10 Jun 2017]

    Just found out this section on XDA, I am available for English to Hindi Translation in my free time, I have been doing translations for local magazine(monthly), series subtitles, and presently started working on Apps2SD and IDM (Just started). I will try my best to offer all the help I can. You...
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    Post [8.1][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-6.2.1 [Z00L/Z00T]

    The dark theme is not working when I change it from the configuration settings on my Z00L model. xposed module of magisk installed but didn't showed in the xposed installer, had to use the good old recommended method, which worked. Good ROM, had no performance issues till now and battery seems...
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    Post [TRANSLATE] Apps2SD: All in One Tool to manage your device and link apps to sdcard

    Updated Hindi Translation on the onesky platform at around 20 percent. Send me the excel file or xml. So I can speed up a little bit more.
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r52][TREBLE]LineageOS 15.1 for Lenovo K6/Power/Plus/Note

    Ok the problem returns with the last Stock OTA update K33_S229_170908_ROW_TO_K33_S231_17114_ROW (79MB) which is on November 1, 2017 patch. (k33a42) The touch screen is clearly affected on this device and unit that I have here. it was fine until OTA update...
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    Post [Stock ROM] [Discussion] [ Lenovo k6 / k6 power] [Karate] [k33]

    Flashed Lenovo_K33a42_S223_Q00440_20170610 via QFIL Got OTA update K33_S223_170610_ROW_TO_K33_S229_170908_ROW of 76mb after update again got another one K33_S229_170908_ROW_TO_K33_S231_17114_ROW 79MB this was the last update I received through OTA. I suppose this is the latest stable stock...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r52][TREBLE]LineageOS 15.1 for Lenovo K6/Power/Plus/Note

    That's internal Sd card issue, format internal and it will work, if still face issue, get a stock rom and flash with QFIL first, don't go back to marshmallow build. there shouldn't be anymore issues, rest the devs here will take care of. The ROM works and is fine from such bugs that came with...
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    Post Screen Freeze K33a42 (Resolved)

    Update After flashing Lenovo_K33a42_S223_Q00440_20170610 via QFIL (removed all the data, including the internal sd card) All The problem seems to be gone, touch is responsive, no freezing or overheating anymore, even the MIC issue was resolved which was present before on this particular unit...
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r36]LineageOS for Lenovo Vibe K6/Power/Note/Plus (karate/karatep)

    Yes, I formatted everything, including internal. Update Now I flashed Lenovo_K33a42_S223_Q00440_20170610 via QFIL (Still shows K33_S223_170610_ROW_TO_K33_S229_170908_ROW update available for download via OTA) All The problem seems to be gone, touch is responsive, no freezing or overheating...
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    Thread Screen Freeze K33a42 (Resolved)

    Device Lenovo k6 power k33a42 running stock 7.0 last stock build. Issue Device would work fine as long as I am on lockscreen, I can put password type every thing, but the moment I enter the correct password and start using it, it would freeze on the homescreen, I would lock and unlock again by...
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    Post Encryption Unsuccessful - Lenovo K6 Power (K33a42)

    This was short and sweet. Works and is perfectly safe as long as you have nothing left on the device. cause Internal sd card data gets deleted. a little warning would never hurt more than the loss. ;)
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r36]LineageOS for Lenovo Vibe K6/Power/Note/Plus (karate/karatep)

    Overheating or Critical error stuck k33a42, touch unresponsive. Encryption unsuccessful. pressed reset phone. reboots to twrp . wipes automatically, reboots itself. repeats the same process again and again. came from latest stock nougat ROM (some s31 update on k33a42), tested LOS 15.1...