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  • Hey! Thanks for your facebook sync application! Please keep on working on that- I have a windows mobile htc and it's been wonderful for the most part.
    Did you figure out how to text with your computer? I know Google has a service- you need to activate it in labs. Also, here's a good site that has some more information on sending texts using your computer/internet.

    I'm a new member of the forum. I'm really interested in your thread about the cells ID and signal:

    "IDA'ing FieldTest.exe or GMM to get neighbor cells"

    In fact i'm doing a similar project to find the 2G/3G neighbors cells signal strength. Almost what i found in google just about the RIL interface that only return the current Cell info. Therefore, i found what ur thread really interesting. However i haven't seen the code that you said u'll upload. I know it's a huge work you have done but i would like to now is it possible that I can have your code or at least some tip for my project?

    If you have uploaded anywhere, please tell me so that i can download them, I really need them, thank you very much
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