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    Thread HTC One M8 Lollipop Update

    As some may know, the new UPDATE is available for international and developer builds for Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. Below are the Details to help people verify if the download is the latest OTA BUILD NUMBER 4.16.1540.8 CL448934 release-keys SENSE SDK API LEVEL: UNKNOWN ANDROID 5.0.1 SENSE 6...
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    Post [Guide] Firewater S-Off

    Use Sunshine. I used it and it worked first time without error. Way better than Firewater. Though it isn't free. But it was worth the money IMO. No need to download anything either. Everything is done from within the app on your phone. When yoy start the app it checks to see if compatible and if...
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    Post [WP8.1] Windows Phone 8.1 port for the M7

    That is what he said. The HD2 was a windows phone. So no he isn't wrong. Also it has been possible with everything that people said was impossible. 3 years back I was told that we couldn't save the TA Partition on the Xperia devices. Guess what? We can. People said that the HD2 will never run...
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    Post [Guide] Firewater S-Off

    I had to use sunshine to s-off as i was always getting the error saying firewater couldnt unlock my device. Do not come to IRC. So why can Sunshine unlock and not firewater? Seems a bit pathetic that one can and the other can't yet on firewaters site it specifically says it can unlock HTC One...
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    Post [Mirror's] - N9005 - New XXUENC2 ETL >< + NB7 DBT/BTU + NB4 + NB3 +NA7 on MEGA Host

    Hi. I flashed the bootloader provided by OP (Thanks OP) in Odin3 1.89 (I think that's the version) and bootloader installed fine. Though it may have already been done during main install using PDA file B3. It said it flashed Boot.img which I'm guessing that is the Bootloader right? Maybe flash...
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    Post [Mirror's] - N9005 - New XXUENC2 ETL >< + NB7 DBT/BTU + NB4 + NB3 +NA7 on MEGA Host

    Yep 0x0. I'm 100% sure it was 0x1 before. I flashed the bootloader on here as well. Could that be it? Surely the eFuse is software related. It can't be causing internal damage otherwise they are intentionally making you break your phone so thus voiding warranty purposely. Is Samsung are doing...
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    Post [Mirror's] - N9005 - New XXUENC2 ETL >< + NB7 DBT/BTU + NB4 + NB3 +NA7 on MEGA Host

    THANK YOU!!!! Thank you SOOOOOO Much. Every other place for download either wanted me to buy premium or wait 3 days to download. Thanks to your help I now have 4.4.2 on my phone and didn't need to reset. Also seems my Knox has been reset? I thought it was an eFuse? The reason I updated through...
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    Post [PORT] 2.3.4 Keyboard Working, ADDED FIX

    Can I suggest you take the TNG.apk from the xperia PRO as they both have similar screen resolutions. You need to have the apk and libs from a device that is similar to the other. Example being: Xperia X10 needs Arc S/Neo/Ray as the ray has same resolution just different screen size. That may be...
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    Post [PORT]Facebook Inside Xperia 2.0-Everything working :)

    Sorry been away from XDA for ages. That is because the recovery is past using scripting. Google changed the way recovery works like it said back in 1.5 BUT.... XRecovery still worked. I expect that what has happened is either you have CWM now since I have been gone or XRecovery Updated to higher...
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    Post [PORT] 2.3.4 Keyboard Working, ADDED FIX

    I had to go through all of the lib files and permission.XML files to find the correct libs, drivers, permissions, .so files. There's a lot to go through. What ROM or APK are you having problems with and maybe I can take a quick look at the ROM and are what's missing. I still have my X10 even...
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    Post [ROM][PORT] Nexus Sense 3G v1.4 | Full HTC Sense Experience | 03/04/12

    Anyone got a download link to this ROM. Wanna have gingerbread back on my nexus s as ICS or JB don't like my device. I like sense so would like this on my old phone :) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using XDA Premium HD app
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    Post Replicating 4.2.X "sod" and what it means..

    Sometimes I have my screen say go off but I will click the lock button The screen don't come on but it is still responding. Meaning I can still unlock the device as vibration tells me if I click the ring or not. So this is all down to the SOD? WoW. Learn something new everyday. I am on Xenon-HD...
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    Post Alternative Screencast app?

    I hope FRAPS bring something out for mobile devices. They are good on PC and think they could do good on mobile too Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using XDA Premium HD app
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    Post [Rom][ARC/S][XSP {-==-}HTC Sense 4.1 Chinese New Year Edition? Rev 0.1 Released!

    I'm going to be honest here. This ROM will never be bug free simply because Sense is closed source. Camera will be hard to sort out and I expect bluetooth like with all the other ports on other devices. Its only ever those two problems that I have ever seen. Everything else seems to get fixed...
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    Post [ROM] Android Open Kang Project - maguro - JBean

    Malware Google are saying its malware infected. Either Devs need to sort this out or close this thread until the site is sorted. ---------- Post added at 11:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:45 PM ---------- Ok you sit there and read through over 100 pages with half the posts being...