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    Post Rooted XT1254 and aa mirror and aa not working

    I have got mi 8.when i started application ibsaw bkack screen.İ enter screen settings s2auto i choose 0 değere screen iş working.After i choose 90 degree the screen is working horizantally. When i try after 1 hour i do ağacın same process.how can i solve?
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    Post Screen2Auto - New app for AA smartphone mirroring (only for root devices).

    I was started screen 2 auto. When press application shortcut sc2autonmenu. The screen shows main screen my phone. Not started application. Have u got idea?
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    Post [GUIDE] Activate VoWiFi / WLAN Call

    I couldnt activate masik rom. How can ı solve?
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    Post Performance Monitor for VAG cars (work in progress)

    Yes ı did it but not work
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    Post Performance Monitor for VAG cars (work in progress)

    Torque with performance for vag monitor I couldnt use performance for vag monitor by torgue with odb adapter. I connected odb by torque. But çağ programe not shown values. Have you Got idea?
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    Post [APP][root] Android Auto 3rd party App Enabler

    AA mirror I have Got seat leon. I have problem AA mirror side bar control. When ı press the main screen. Sidebar hide but ı couldnt shown again. How can ı solve?