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    Post [DEV] MeeGo for Nexus S (Also, Help Required)

    Tizen seems really unimpressive though at this stage; it's UI is rather underwhelming and it doesn't have much going on under the hood, aside from HTML5 (At which point, Boot2Gecko is better and already has a Nexus S port). Mer is more stable, powerful, and is actually being used on hardware...
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    Post [DEV] MeeGo for Nexus S (Also, Help Required)

    At this point, it would probably be much more productive to port Mer (an actively developed MeeGo fork) to the Nexus S, considering that MeeGo has stopped development.
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    Post Thought about buying GN, but....

    Y'all have to be the most unhelpful bunch I've seen yet. Of course, then again, there's not much to help here. :p Maybe OP would be better served with an SGSII, if he needs the microSD slot?
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    Post Disappointed in the Galaxy Nexus

    The Nexus phones are the only Android phones I've seen that can truly touch the iPhone out of the box in performance, UI consistency (the manufacturer skins butcher it), software quality, and classy hardware design. This is why I liked my Nexus S, and why I love the GNex. Not to mention as a...
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    Post Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Too Big For the Human Hand?

    I have bigger hands, and I've had no issue with the phone at all. Just fits perfectly in my hand. Yay for big hands, I guess :)
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    Post Time for a Verizon GNex section?

    It's really the only sane and responsible option. The dev section is already "cluttered" IMO; it's a pain to sift through the GSM only posts to find LTE mods/info, and vice versa. Go look at the Galaxy Tab 10.1 dev forum; we're going to become that without a split.
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    Post Disappointed on the phone or ice cream sandwich

    And only mildly different on the hardware side... Really I don't understand all this crapping on the Verizon Nexus. There's absolutely nothing about it that makes it any less a Nexus than my Nexus S save for two Verizon apps that are actually useful for some customers, one which (I believe the...
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    Post [ROOT] Superboot - Galaxy Nexus root solution

    I'd wait at least ten minutes to make sure you're not interrupting anything, then do a battery pull and try to turn it on again. I waited for a while, did a pull and turned it back on, and it booted up fine, and rooted. :)
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    Post [ROOT] Superboot - Galaxy Nexus root solution

    So from my understanding, hanging at the Google logo for several minutes is normal?
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    Post Happy/Disappointed with the Nexus LTE model?

    Settings>Wireless & Networks>More...>Mobile networks>Network Mode :)
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    Post Happy/Disappointed with the Nexus LTE model?

    Best phone I've ever used, period. The screen is amazing, ICS is awesome, and Android Beam makes NFC actually useful (and awesome). Finally, a worthy successor to the OG Droid (and a nice step up from the Nexus S).
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    Post [GAME] [ver 1.3.1] Turtle Slider!

    You can't go wrong with chiptune. :)
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    Post [GAME]Retro-style platformer "Bloo Kid" released for Android

    Runs great on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, this is a great game! :D The only thing missing IMO is Wii Remote support, it would make the game even more of a joy to play.
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    Post [ROM][CWM][WIFI] Bonsai v0.1.5 -- now w/ ToucWiz option[UPDATED] {7-24-2011}

    I have. I flashed back to my stock backup and I still have the boot lag from Bonzai. Can someone please tell me what partition I need to reflash to get my Tab back to normal here?
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    Post [Q]Streaming Google Music

    -ended up cooperating eventually-