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    Post [CLOSED][ROM][Android 11][OP7t] crDroid v7.12 [14 November 2021]

    Thanks @mukesh22584 for keeping this project alive. I tried Android 12 earlier today and can definitely say thats hot garbage and I dont want to update to Android 12 ever again. This ROM has been my daily driver for almost a year and I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into...
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    Post [CLOSED][ROM][Android 11][OP7t] crDroid v7.12 [14 November 2021]

    Hi, First off thanks for the great ROM. I have been using this as my daily driver for a couple of months now. After the last update I am getting poor battery backup. SOT is around 6-7 hrs on average and charging cycle has a become a bit frequent than before. Still a good backup no doubt, just a...
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    Post Screen on time

    Absolutely crazy SoT Getting 12 hours of Sot in some cases