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  • hello blasev,

    i'm writing you, because i saw that you editet your 2nd entry on the 5th of december 2009 ( i tried tess leo III in november 2009 but installed then tess pride III because of the missing german keyboard. with this cab, am i able to use the german keyboard without any faulds? in november i tried with tess leo III, but it didn't work:
    do you know any problems with that keyboard cab?
    Hello blasev. great new rom. just got a question. how do i disable the charging screen when device is in standby
    Hello Blasev, good work on this rom. The only one that is stable and doesn't add tons of useless stuff.

    One question though: When I open the album on the 3.5 test version (with Manila 2.5) it refuses to find locations on my storage card like it did in other roms with Manila 2.5 or Manila 2.1. It is impossible to add any other folders except My Pictures. Is there a registry tweak for this?


    Hi blasev. A long time ago I installed the Touch Essential ROM and it changed my phone's boot screen so that it says "c Touch Essential". Is there a way to change it back to the original or to some other thing?

    I'm usually peeking at atom exec thread, but just browsing here and met you here. glad that i did, you turn out to be an indonesian as well. really happy there are indonesian involve, and not just that; but sharing as well. salut bro! rally happy to see friends also cooking rom (fastest one it the bechmark, thums up guys).

    salam kenal :
    hmm bro, even the stock rom is flying fast, so compared to td1. td2 is a nice monster :D
    Diamond2! huh? excellent! How is it? My fahter got the Diamond 1 and he's so pissed, he doesn't like it, and now I have to try and make it somehow usable, so now I'm learning how to customize TF3D :)
    Well, hope you will enjoy your new shiny phone!
    See you around!
    salam kenal bozz, saya mau tanya kenapa ya Htc saya tiba2 stuck di bootloader, trus saya coba upgrade USPL sampe ke romnya segala. berhasil. trus dicoba direstart bisa booting lagi. tapi setiap setelah menginstall aplikasi dicoba restart stuck di bootloader HTC.
    wah banyak amat yg dari indo, apa karena kita suka yg gratisan wkwkwk

    well i work at BII, as a "kuli"
    where do u work?
    hi sry, i havent notice there will be something like this in this forum. lol :D
    to upgrade elf, 1. cid unlock 2. upgrade, done

    and TESS rom is available for both elf and elvin
    hi there i whant to use the rom you posted nice bud waths for elf en for elfin to download 1.1ruu or 1.2 ruu i have an elf pleas answer grtz tom from belgium
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