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    Post [rom] [twrp] sm-t290 & sm-t295 [discussions & help thread]

    This ROM was snappy for a while and then it started restarting several times a day. It is getting stuck at the "Samsung" Logo screen. It stays there forever flashing the logo.
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    Thread Any magisk module that can make sd card as adopted storage on Android 10?

    Did google remove the option of adopted storage? I don't see it on my SM-T295. I rooted it so I was wondering if there is a Magisk Module that can make sd card act like adopted storage. Thank you.
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    Post SM-T290 secure check fail

    I faced the same issue. Possibly you are on Android 10; you need to flash a less secure bootloader (BL). I attached it; extract the file to find a .rar file. Flash it using ODIN as "BL". Then flash the recovery file, as "AP". You can also flash them both at the same time. BTW, did you get GSI...
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    Thread Is it possible to use a GSI Rom on "treble enabled" T295?

    There is a Recovery for this device. So what is stopping from a GSI ROM running on this treble enabled device? I installed recovery and flashing a GSI ROM (Q Mod) but it is bootlooping. Have any of you figured it out? How to do it?!
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    Post A7 sms/mms recovery?

    Sorry for the tangent: How much would replacing the display cost? My display is broke too.
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    Thread What is the default "minimum width" for SM-T295?

    I messed with "minimum width" setting in developer options and now I don't remember the default value. Please help. Model : Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (2019) [SM-T295]
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    Post Clarity/resolution

    Tab A 8 (2019) might be okay for video but not good for text. It's not even FHD. 6/10
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    Post [P600][n1awifi][ROM][7.1] Official LineageOS 14.1 - weekly

    Well, did you find a solution? --------- You can try this: How to Fix Setup Wizard has Stopped on Android
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    Post [SM-P601] [ROM] [7.1.2] [20210308] Unofficial LineageOS/RR/AICP

    Well did you find out? Maybe flash this ROM and then again a kernel for P600?