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    Post [ROM][flo|deb][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS 18.1] -> 2021-10-08

    Nice! Clearing the cache did the trick in the play store!
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    Post [ROM][flo|deb][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS 18.1] -> 2021-10-08

    Does anyone else have experience that says SELinux is disabled?
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    Post [ROM][flo|deb][UNOFFICIAL][LineageOS 18.1] -> 2021-10-08

    Just installed using this awesome guide. Everything is working generally. Thanks! I passed SafetyNet but still couldn't install Netflix.
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    Post [APP] [4.4+] Bromite - Chromium plus adblocking

    Doesn't work with lastpass; too bad. I guess I'll go back to Brave for now.
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    Post OK Google anywhere detection after 5.0.1 update

    Disable S Voice in app management, reboot, then go back to Google Now settings. It shouldn't be grayed out anymore.
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    Thread [Q] Lollipop: Disable Swipe to Unlock for Lockscreen Notifications?

    Just got lollipop and mostly loving the lockscreen notification just like my Nexus 5... however, is there anyway to disable "Swipe to unlock" when I tap a notification so that it goes straight into the app? It seems redundant. I believe my Nexus 5 did not require the swipe step when I tap a...
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    Post [Q] Which do you prefer: spare battery VS external battery pack ?

    I vote for the spare battery which is why I got one. I have used external chargers often in the past and I hate having to walk around with the darn thing and its cable. You cannot beat swapping in a battery which takes less than a minute. It is also more compact as well. Sure, you have to charge...
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    Post Qi Charging Issue; Turns On and Off at 100% Charge

    Thanks for the quick reply! Now I know that it isn't just my phone or charger, I can rest easier and just let it be (mostly will just take it off stand when charged).
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    Thread Qi Charging Issue; Turns On and Off at 100% Charge

    Do any of you have an issue where the phone screen turns on and off (and beeps) when it reaches 100% charged using a Qi charger? I am using the official Samsung wireless back cover with a Nokia Qi charging pad. When the phone reaches Charged, it will turn the screen on, then it'll say Charging...
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    Post Changing your DPI Settings (No-Root)

    I was okay with the dialer and lockscreen, but the camera made me go back to 640. In vertical shooting mode, the touch points for all the icons, including the shutter button, is misaligned and is very annoying. What a shame as 540 looked AWESOME.
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    Post Throwing in the towel. Who's with me?

    What is usually the reason for bad IMEI on a US network? Stolen phone?
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    I've seen this type of implementation on the iPhone 6 and I don't like the edges floating over the curved screen. Unless I'm wrong, the protector is still a flat glass. Here is my response on that thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=58003364&postcount=14
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    MyBat Glass I also tried the MyBat glass protector for the heck of it. I did not read any reviews that this one was working without halo... and of course, it does. I did like that the glass has a top protective removable layer which is colored; this made the alignment much easier to see. Still...
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    Post Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    Bear Motion Hi All, I'm back again! I feel like my place is starting to look like a warehouse with all these glass protectors coming. Next up is Bear Motion which I've gotten mixed reviews about; some have reported no halo on the revised version. I'm not sure which one I have. On my AT&T Note 4...
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    Post The Glass Screen Protectors We All Have Been Waiting For! (BodyGuardz Crown & iCarez)

    This looks like the edge to edge screen protectors for iPhones; probably have the same "feature". The colored part has no glue and simply floats over the curved edge of the screen. This is not a curved screen protector; at least for iPhone, this works best for those wanting a thin case as the...