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  • I have a dump. the problem is that the dump is not ok because the compressed area of the rom is not extracted correctly. Mine is still freezing at boot screen. Did not try anymore to fix it because i dont have anymore time. The work is killing me. If i get by a solution be sure i'll post it.

    I have a MyGuide 3100 GO which starts but freezes with MyGiude logo. can u help me fix it ? thx.

    I am waiting for your answer at [email protected]
    I have one that works but I don't know how to dump the ROM from the working one and put it on the one who is not working ... :( ...
    Hy Blue Monk.

    I see that you have a frozen MyGuide which you are trying to make it work and I hope you can help me.

    I have a MyGuide 3100 GO which starts but freezes with MyGiude logo after i copied a file called addons.txt with a wrong syntax to Flash Disk instead of Storage Card.
    Now I can't access Flash Disk even with ActiveSync.

    Is there any way I can delete the addons.txt file from Flash Disk?
    maybe an autorun file copied to memory card to do the trick?

    Please if you find a way to fix your MyGuide or some answers to my questions send me an e-mail([email protected]). I will send an e-mail if i find a fix for your MyGuide.
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