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    Post 3rd party 45W charger - Baseus 65W GaN Mini Quick Charge US

    15W charger charges in 80min 25W charges in 65min 45W charges in 56min
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    Post Fastest MicroSD Card?

    I am using this. I have always used this brand "Strontium Nitro A1 256GB Micro SDXC Memory Card 100MB/s A1 UHS-I U3 Class 10 with High Speed Adapter for Smartphones Tablets Drones Action Cams (SRN256GTFU3A1A)"
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    Post Android pie made multi tasking worse ?

    Free RAM has no meaning. Multitasking is good and more fluid now on 9.
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S8+ updated to Android 9.0 Pie.

    In India also I recieved it two days back. Phone is more snappier, fluidic and looks cool with the OneUI interface.
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    Post Hypothetically someone removed the OS after rooting their phone

    Flash via Odin by reformatting and flashing latest fw. Rest, accidents do happen voluntarily also ;)
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    Post Used samsung, please help ! bootloop and more...

    FRP locked or boot corrupted Try this Download latest stock and unzip it to get all the files. Repartition, and flash. Use all files including pit file Cross fingers as it may boot to be fine the charge the phone and leave it for 2hours then reboot n use
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    Post S8+ Flashing rom with bad port

    Same rom zip file can be flashed via flashfire but if u to go back to stock, then via Odin flash complete latest firmware of your region
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    Post S9+ camera on S8+

    Still try to update and see, u should get it
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    Post S9+ camera on S8+

    Yes! And the latest camera update is fabulous
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    Post S9+ camera on S8+

    I have already recieved the update with September security update
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    Post Pie Launcher Pulled from s9

    Yes, setting as default works but not on S8+ with latest stock. It's working fine on S9+ and Note9 of my friends
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    Post Pie Launcher Pulled from s9

    Not working, java error