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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    Hey man, thanks for the donation. Glad you were able to get your phone up and running!
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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    Mmm. The link I gave seems to have been blocked by XDA when I tried to access it from my post. Never had a problem myself with that site, but who knows. You should be able to ultimately recover the phone though. Perhaps asking in one of the unbrick threads? OnePlus phones are theoretically...
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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    I just did some googling and found this article. Perhaps you can try the drivers in this guide? They are .exe files so they should be easy to install, but I'm not sure if the other drivers I provided have any OnePlus specific stuff in it, but it's worth a shot.
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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    Hmm. I know it may be an obvious question, but just to be sure, you're using the cable that came with the device correct?
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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    Do you have the proper drivers installed to use EDL mode? Also, if you go into the Device Manager, do you see the phone in there? Should pop up as something like "Qualcomm HS-USB 9008" or some variant of that.
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    Post T-Mobile OnePlus -- Hard (HARD) Brick

    I would suggest following this guide to attempt reflashing of the international firmware (use the androidfilehost download). If that also fails, you could always just reflash the TMO firmware with this guide.
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    Post TWRP Backup and restore for A/B OP7P

    What issues are you having while restoring backups?
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    Post [mod]build.prop (sharing)

    Lockscreen rotation shouldn't be a thing on this device because of the onscreen fingerprint sensor. That being said, if you don't care, you can use EdXposed + Gravitybox to force your lockscreen to rotate.
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL] [RECOVERY] [OnePlus 7 Pro] OrangeFox Recovery Project [R10.1]

    I have a feeling these new instructions aren't going to work either, considering we don't have a recovery partition.
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    Post Is there a ROM / Root app / Magisk Module to disable OxygenOS rounded corners overlay

    Have you taken a look at the Out of Oxygen substratum theme in the themes section for our device? It has options for the corner radius which may help.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Yep, seems like EdExposed is now tripping SafetyNet for me too. Oh well.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Same thing just started happening to me today, both CTS and basicIntegrity failing. Gonna poke around and see if anything fixes it. I'm on a OP7 Pro with OOS though.
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    Post [PORTED] [26 NOV update] OB1 Camera to A10 OB/10.0.2 Stock ROM [Root required]

    I decided to make a Magisk Module with the files provided and it works great for me on OOS 10. Anyone else wanna try it out?
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    Post [ROOT] Aether: Substratum mods for Oxygen OS

    Try substratum lite. Official substratum has issues on OOS 10.
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    Post [Android 10][Stable] OOS 10.0.2 Installation/update guide with root + download!

    Successfully updated from OB2 to stable 10 with no data wipe via TWRP on my converted TMO phone. I'm so happy I didn't have to wipe my data, I'm all out of Google Play Music device slots :cool: