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  1. Bobmicbob

    Post T110/T111 Sources

    hey, your Google Drive link doesn't seem to work anymore, any possibility of that being fixed? :)
  2. Bobmicbob

    Post Stuck in bootloop of TWRP

    Never mind, it appears I'm stuck in a bootloop again, except this time it's far worse because it's stuck on the launch screen of TWRP and then artifacts into a back bar at the top half and then two purplized TWRP boot images next to each other on the bottom half. Also, last time I fixed...
  3. Bobmicbob

    Post Stuck in bootloop of TWRP

    I Have fixed the problem, I'll come back and post how I fixed it in a couple of days.
  4. Bobmicbob

    Thread Stuck in bootloop of TWRP

    I recently decided to to root my SM-t110 so that I could upgrade to LineageOS, but after I had gotten TWRP working it offered to install SuperSu so that it could be rooted, so I rebooted SuperSu was installed and then I had to reboot and now I'm completely stuck in TWRP. I can't even boot into...