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    Post [APP][4.4+] Galaxy EdgeBoard panel - device dashboard

    Re-arrange Thanks for a great edge panel! Nice work! The only thing i miss is the possibility to re-arrange the icons/programs. I noticed that it might be a future function and I keep my fingers crossed that you have the energy to fix it. But again, thank you!
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    Post Any way to turn off screen but keep sensors active

    Haha. Wonderful input! Made my day! I have rooted some phones before, including my note 2, but my problem is that some of the apps I'm using don't support rooted devices. Including the software/app that my company uses for making calls. So that's not an option at the moment. Med...
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    Post Any way to turn off screen but keep sensors active

    No I haven't. Thank you for your input! But At the moment my phone isn't rooted so I can't try this solution. Any other suggestions? Med reservation för felstavning och särskrivning pga autokorrigering /
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    Post Any way to turn off screen but keep sensors active

    I would like some help with this as well. I want to use the runtastic pedometer app but the screen needs to be turned on all the time to register my steps. Any clues?
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    Post Starcraft on Leo is fun. =)

    Thanks! Great links!!
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    Post [ROM]<< Artemis HD2 v73.0 >>[WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|ELL|SPA|PTG|RUS|NLD|NOR|SVE|DAN] WEH6.5

    Byggeren: Thanks for the tip, but have already tried that one. Multiple times. Did another hardreset know and it worked instantly. Weird.. Just to install all things again...haha
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    Post [ROM]<< Artemis HD2 v73.0 >>[WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|ELL|SPA|PTG|RUS|NLD|NOR|SVE|DAN] WEH6.5

    Anyone else having problem with marketplace and microsoft my phone? Connection fail it says. Everything else works perfect. The sad part is that my phonenumbers and calendar notes are saved at my phone.. Using the swedish version if it matters.
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    Post [ROM]<< Artemis HD2 v73.0 >>[WWE|GER|FRA|ITA|ELL|SPA|PTG|RUS|NLD|NOR|SVE|DAN] WEH6.5

    I wonder how many Swedes pressing the F5 button at the moment, waiting for the swedish version.! =) Thanks in advance for a wonderful job! Edit: Here we go! Thanks!
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    Post °°Post your Leo Today Screens Here°°

    Today! Allt tweaks available here at wonderful XDA. I even got the wallpaper from here. You guys make my "phonelife" alot better! haha. thanks! ;)
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    Post [Project Dead][Theme] R3dD3vil's Android Inspired Slider Icons [UPDATE 24-MARCH-2010]

    Great job! Works perfect and looks really nice! Thank you! The only "tab icon" i don´t like as much as the others is the music icon. The large picture is nice but the little one in the slider is difficult to see what it is. But still, a great improvement!=)
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    Post Send and receive SMS from windows

    Thanks for the tip about mymobile. Great app!
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    Post [Htc keyboard with light]

    wonderful work! thanks! Works perfect on swedish stock rom (except the spacebar but who can complain;) . ) thanks again
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    Post Noisy Phone Dial Pad

    Stock rom 1.66, tried to translate from Swedish to some kind of english ;) Settings - Menu - More? - Private? - Phone -Number pad? (the third option - OFF)
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    Post [Manila Mod][19-Jun-2010] Co0kie's Home Tab v1.8.5

    Thank you Cookie for this app! Works like a charm and makes me happy every time i unlocks the phone! =)