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  1. borisku

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk] DisplayRefreshRate [auto][60Hz][11]

    I checked it with Display Checker with realtime refresh Rate and this tool tells mit that my poco runs with 60 hz
  2. borisku

    Post Themes / Apps / Mods [Magisk] DisplayRefreshRate [auto][60Hz][11]

    Thank you, nice tool. AICP offers to set the display rate in the settings itsself, its a cool CR, i love it since my Axon 7.
  3. borisku

    Post Development [ROM] [11] [OFFICIAL] Android Ice Cold Project

    Thx, i did so without really knowing what i did, cause the sytem wanted the card to be formatted; i thought this was caused by an older 400gb Sandisk Micro SD which would have errors (which i could not find using the sd card on my computer), but i noticed later after reboot that the system uses...
  4. borisku

    Post Development [ROM] [11] [OFFICIAL] Android Ice Cold Project

    I love AICP since i flashed it onto my ZTE Axon 7 and i was very happy findig it for Poco X3 Pro. But i can´t find the setting where i can switch the standard memory from internal to micro sd. Can anybody put me to the right direction? thx
  5. borisku

    Post Development [ROM] [11] [OFFICIAL] Android Ice Cold Project

    i can report that the update OTA is running not only with twrp also with orangefox 1.3
  6. borisku

    Post Root Huawei without unlock bootloader

    I deleted my message, because i mixed in my old head things i did with my zte axon 10 and a huawei v10, both with bootloader unlock, sorry. i cant imagine how root should work with bootloader locked ... all devices i owned had to be bu´ed bevor rooting ...
  7. borisku

    Post USB-Ethernet tethering on Huawei P30 Pro?

    You can find this setting in the p30 pro ne in the developer options in USB-configuration: RNDIS (USB-Ethernet)
  8. borisku

    Post P30 Pro Scatter File

    As far as i know, scatter files come with devices which have processors from mediatek (mtk), not with prcessors from qualcomm or huawei or samsung for example. i maybe wrong, but since android 10 the structure of ram and rom have changed and i didnt heard of scatter files a longer time ago., so...
  9. borisku

    Post Making backup with HiSuite(V11.0.0.510) not possible (firmware, EMUI 11, C431)

    I had the same prob: the backup stay at 84%; so in a german forum i was told to use version of Hisuite, with that you can backup your device,
  10. borisku

    Post [ROM][Tab S][NOUGAT]Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [T700/T705/T800/T805][UNOFFICIAL][OTA]

    It will take a little time, because i have to push that file into the cloud... I will send you a pm with a downloadlink after i uploaded the zip!
  11. borisku

    Post [ROM][Tab S][NOUGAT]Resurrection Remix 5.8.5 [T700/T705/T800/T805][UNOFFICIAL][OTA]

    @a504 which one do you need? i can offer for example RR-N-v5.8.5-20190723-klimtlte-Luis.zip ... or RR-N-v5.8.5-20191110-klimtlte-Luis.zip
  12. borisku

    Post [Root] [Tutorial] Android 10 Alldocube iPlay30 tablet

    @Jdriveme Could you please tell about your work progress? I myself have the same probs with the wifi connection and i heard of someone who had two wifi hotspots with differnet names close to each other connected to his router causing this trouble ... you can find this on the official alldocube...