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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-16.0 [mako]

    I'm running lineage-16.0-20210311, and am having issues with SOD. Switching from 17.1, which had been running very smooth for 3 months. I will try to get some logs next ime. This happens constantly.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] LineageOS-15.1 for Google Nexus 4 (mako)

    agps bug I wish I had kept the earlier build from July that had working gps. Where can I find build lineage-15.1-20180717-nightly-mako-signed or earlier?
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    Post [Official] Play Store orders & shipping thread!

    received both 8GB and 16GB on Jan 21st! Ordered back on Nov 28th on US playstore
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    Post [Official] Play Store orders & shipping thread!

    Ordered Nov 28th, 1x 16GB and 1x 8GB, shipping estimate was 8-9 wks, and got a cc charge Jan 17th. Buying both 8GB and 16GB in the same cart was a big mistake, they don't ship until both devices are ready to go out.