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    Post Tmo stock black screen

    Not sure how to delete thread but i fixed it!
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    Thread Tmo stock black screen

    I unlocked eom and figured I could flash international right away with msmtool. It gave an error saying img doesn't match and stopped. Screen stays black and I get a USB error on pc. Any ideas to get me on usb again to flash stock tmo? Thanks
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    Thread [Help] Android Q Developer Preview 3 OEM still locked

    I used MSMTool to get to international firmware. I found this link: and installed Android Q Developer Preview 3 but OEM is still locked and I can't turn it on. Anyone else know how I can fix this? Thanks. ---edit-- just...
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    Thread delete

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    Thread Update Question

    Hey, its been a while since I have updated my phone. Its v9.0.6 and I wanted to update it to the latest. I figured id run the command all.bat that will freshly reinstall the stock 9.0.6. I downloaded the latest stock firmware from the website. After I update, what twrp and other instruction...
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    Post show us your op6 homescreen

    My latest! H20 icon pack Stock rom/OP launcher Substratum swift black Found wallpapers on wali app KWGT for clock
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    Post [Pie][OB2] How to fix "Your device is corrupt" on boot

    Does this fix the red warning? Does it do anything else? Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Thread Flashing stock

    A while ago I rooted my friends phone then eventually he wanted the phone stock so I made it stock but I forgot to close the bootloader. So I just recently locked his bootloader but everynow and then his phone bootloops or has small bugs. Is it safe to use twrp, erase everything then flash the...
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] Omnirom for Oneplus6 [10.0]

    is it safe to flash the latest version on 9.0.3-OnePlus6Oxygen_22_OTA_028? thanks
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    Post [ROM]--[AOSP]-HAVOC-OS-[Official]-[PIE]--[9.0]

    Does this rom have the OnePlus gestures? Like the original navigation gestures or is it only the "navigation gestures" from market? Thanks! Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Post i cant boot into oos pls help!!!

    Probably, ik it's easier in other phones but not sure on op6 just cuz most roms require stock already on. Have you tried flashing the stock rom? Twice? Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Post i cant boot into oos pls help!!! Download what version you want, unzip and run flash all bat. Of needed uninstall other zips in folder Sent from my [device_name] using XDA-Developers Legacy app
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    Thread Linking menu drawer to pages

    Hey everyone, I am in a group in my college class and I was wondering if I could get some help with linking the menu drawer to the pages we have made. I'm not the best at Java and have spent over 9 hours trying to figure it out. It possible someone could help me out? Maybe even TeamViewer to...
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    Post Google feed on OP6

    If you are not a root user it can cause more problems than needed, do you have Google Hangouts? I can help you one on one better there! [email protected] ---edit--- Root it's self doesn't wipe ur phone, it's unlocking nthe bootloader (which is required to root or add twrp recovery)...