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    Post Very cheap foldable wireless charger.

    Could be that I'm missing something (perhaps even a crucial factor), but why couldn't you use a wireless charger at the same time you have a metal plate in your case? It can't be harmful to the phone right? I have a strong enough carkit so I can use a relatively small circular piece of metal in...
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    Post google keep for edge panel ?

    Bump Here's my bump for this thread. Also looking for an edge panel where Google Keep notes are displayed. Anyone? Perhaps someone with the skills to write one? Thnx
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    Post [GUIDE] [HOWTO] Return to stock for Huawei Watch

    I had the MM kernel of Skin1980 installed on my watch. Yesterday I got a pop-up for the 1.5 OTA. After accepting it for installation the watch restarted and displayed Andy laying down with a big exclamation mark. Some time later the watch restarted with stock 1.4 like it was. Since I flashed the...
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    Is there a known fix for the random reboots? I performed a factory reset on the watch but it doesn't seem to help, I still get those reboots. I never had a random reboot on stock. However, I do not want to turn back to stock since the watch feels snappier with this kernel. And the bonus of...
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    Ok, just had my second random reboot today. Yesterday the first, I've had the watch running this kernel for about five days now. Could it be that I didn't factory reset after flashing this kernel? Sent from my SM-G920F using XDA Premium HD app
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    I'm not having random reboots, I guess something went wrong with your installation.. Sent from my SM-G920F using XDA Premium HD app
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    I flashed the kernel and am very pleased with the results, the watch is fast! I also don't have the screen flickering issue while the watch is in ambient mode. I guess Skin has fixed this bug. Great! Skin1980: do I need to tweak the cpu governors and settings further with kernelaudiutor to get...
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    Can anyone tell me if the screen flickering in ambient mode is something you can get used to or is it irritating enough for some users to flash back to stock? I really want to flash this kernel but I don't feel like flashing this only to flash back to stock because of the screen flickering...
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    Post [KERNEL] Skin1980's Huawei Watch Kernel

    Does the screen flicker in ambient mode with the new MM kernel?
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    Post [KERNEL][MM]Skin1980's Huawei watch kernel

    Great! Thnx for your hard work! I'll provide some feedback when I have it installed.
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    Post has anyone tried the GServiceFix app whilst using a Huawei watch?

    I used it since Google Play Services were acting up (28% battery vs. 9% battery used by the screen). It didn't fix anything for me, Google Play Services were draining battery still after the fix. Issues are now gone since I updated my SGS6 to 6.0.1. though.
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    Post [KERNEL] Skin1980's Huawei Watch Kernel

    Development active? So I was wondering, has the development stopped for this project or has it just been a little quiet in this thread? I' m waiting for the AW1.4 update with speaker support. After this update has landed on my Hwatch I want to flash this (updated) kernel but I need to know if...
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    Post How to silence call via watch?

    Nice, didn't know that. It actually did work... the first time. When I test it the second time the call on the watch gets muted but the phone keeps on ringing, even though it did work the first time I tested.
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    Post [KERNEL] Skin1980's Huawei Watch Kernel

    Anyone experiencing connection drops with this kernel? I' m on stock everything now and I' m experiencing connection drops every now and then. I have to restart my phone and watch to establish a solid connection again. I was wondering if this kernel would make it worse or would fix this? Also...
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    Post [Q] [THEME REQUEST] Nexus look and feel

    Nexus/Lollipop Material theme finally available in the Samsung theme store Great news! Today developer Samer Zayer has released a Lollipop Material Design theme for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge! No more waiting for a Nexus theme to replace the default Touchwiz style theme! Thanks Samer Zayer, I...