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    Post [ROM] [TESTING] [LOS/13.0] FlymeOS 6

    For those who getting error 7 while flashing, flash old twrp....thn it will work
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    Thread Strange issue with my Moto g4 plus

    I'm getting very strange issue with my Moto g4 plus...i have flash 3-4oreo ROMs.bt all those roms have lagging launcher... and sim issue...when I enable wifi, sim turn off no no mssg or call come...so when I enable mobile data thn I get all my mssgs nd calls.....need ur help..thnx
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    Use pico gapps Only u r facing this issue....no one else facing...dont complain that the rom is not stable...its stable...im using from 1st day......either use this rom or wipe it...
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    Im using dot nd battery life is best i ve seen in any N roms....i gues ur battery maybe old thats y u not getting good battery life...bt this rom is beast in performance nd battery...
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    No..see old mssgs...he written he is using wanted kernel in dot ?
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    Wtf...u using TW kernel in Dot ?
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    Mine speakers not making cracking sound....there must be problem with ur speaker or reflash the rom
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    What.....u using wanted kernel in dot ?
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    Games running better in this rom...try
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    Post [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    As its a first build, new bugs may occur....report here and will try to fix..Thank you
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    Post [TeamExyKings][6.0.1][ODEX] PIXEL Rom v1

    Another great Rom...keep it up bro
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    Thread [7.1.x|SM-G900H| Unofficial DOT-OS(k3gxx)

    " #DroidOnTime " Code: /* * * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its...
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    Post Ported Miui 8 for S5 Exynos(Stuck at Mi bootanimation)

    Yea we all need Miui....plz share this thread to Devs for helping
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    Post [ROM][PORT][6.0.1] MIUI 9 for Galaxy S5

    Plz anyone make Miui for S5 exynos