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  • How to upgrade O2 XDA Atom WM6.1 clean ROM by Helloworld1:
    1. Copy diskimg and da EXTROM to your SD card.
    2. Press camera + soft reset button and wait for the upgrading complete (should be for 20 - 25 minutes).

    Or please visit this Clean WM 6.1 from Helloworld1 thread for more details!

    i did try the hard reset but it didnt work too...:(..ill upload a video showing that it stucks on boot with 1st light flashing...
    i can get to bootloader mode but can i flash device and install rom in bootloader..??if yes,den plz gudie me..:)
    Or here for more easy:

    hp iPAQ h6365 / h6345 / h6340 / h6325 / h6320 / h6315 / h6310 Hard Reset Without Removing Battery:

    Press hold down power button then press hold down the reset button. Please do not release it till appear bootscreen. Once this is completed successfully you are has already format your hp iPAQ h6365.

    hp iPAQ h6365 / h6345 / h6340 / h6325 / h6320 / h6315 / h6310 Bootloader Mode:

    Keep press hold down buttons 1 and 2 (contacts and email) and then press the reset button on the left side. Release the reset button without releasing buttons 1 and 2. Once this is completed successfully you are has already into bootloader mode, then you will see BL in the lower right hand corner. Now you can release buttons 1 and 2 to keep continue it.
    how to format..???.wen the ipaq starts,the 1st light from left on to upper right corner i.e gsm/phone light starts to blink and takes around 30 mins to boot...:(
    hey i tried it again..recharged the battery then tried to upgrade the rom but everytime at 0.1% it says RUUClientDriver.dll could not initialize this device....what should i do now...???
    First you must charge your battery in fully charger then upgrade your rom and no need to get into bootloader mode if it takes. For the latest rom for hp iPAQ h6365, you can visit my thread in here. Let me know if you have any problem with your device cause i'll be right here to help!
    hey i got an ipaq6365..the problem with it is dat it takes alotta time during startup...i decided to upgrade it rom but i always get sum RUUClientDriver.dll error error with it...i can get into bootloader mode but i dun know how to install rom in bootloader...can u help me plz..:)
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