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  1. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM] [11.0] [PME] LineageOS 18.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    THNX for keeo the phone alive <3 you're awesome bro @raul16
  2. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] DotOS v5.2 [walleye]

    i think status bar transparency is bugged, instead of blurry background only solid color background showed.
  3. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM][11.0][walleye] PixelExperience [AOSP][OFFICIAL]

    Thnx for your hard work bro, you're the best.
  4. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM] [11.0] [PME] LineageOS 18.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    back to LOS 17.1 and i can use vulkan again, maybe some api's needs to be included
  5. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM] [11.0] [PME] LineageOS 18.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Hi dev @raul16 when i try to run dolphin vulkan app says not gpu with vulkan has found
  6. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROM] [11.0] [PME] LineageOS 18.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    Bootlops fixed sir? thnx for your hard work :D
  7. brickhayabusa

    Post Fix for OK Google on A11 custom roms with built in Gapps

    Can you guide me or post some screenshots? i can't find hotword enrollment on root explorer
  8. brickhayabusa

    Post [ROOT] - HOWTO - AS993 (WIP)

    JerryFeik you'll wait forever if you ask that way....
  9. brickhayabusa

    Post [WIP] Stock Kernel Compiled From Source

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what does this mean for the g7 play development?, Thnx
  10. brickhayabusa

    Post Omg!!! Please help me