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  1. brigudav

    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Fixed in version twrp-3.5.2_10-4-surya
  2. brigudav

    Post [RECOVERY][SHARED][SURYA/KARNA][3.5.2_10-0] TWRP for Xiaomi Poco X3 by brigudav [UNOFFICIAL]

    I ask, as the developer of this recovery, to remove all links and close the topic. Tantrums of inadequate people do not contribute to development. Thank you. Are you allowed to break the rules, repackage and modify the original product?
  3. brigudav

    Post [RECOVERY][SHARED][SURYA/KARNA][3.5.2_10-0] TWRP for Xiaomi Poco X3 by brigudav [UNOFFICIAL]

    Ок. I understand, it means because of the decryption. Fixed it above. Here I post all the latest for POCO X3, added vendor with write capability (RW) surya_fw_vendor_V12.0.7.0.QJGMIXM_rw.zip MOD EDIT: Link removed
  4. brigudav

    Post [RECOVERY][SHARED][SURYA/KARNA][3.5.2_10-0] TWRP for Xiaomi Poco X3 by brigudav [UNOFFICIAL]

    I and many others did not have such a problem. Check out this revised version. MOD EDIT: Link removed
  5. brigudav

    Post [RECOVERY][SHARED][SURYA/KARNA][3.5.2_10-0] TWRP for Xiaomi Poco X3 by brigudav [UNOFFICIAL]

    This is a test version. A lot has already been changed and corrected. The release is coming soon.
  6. brigudav

    Post Help me with antirollback issue with CC9 (pyxis)

    Hi. Read this article: https://www.xda-developers.com/xiaomi-anti-rollback-protection-brick-phone/ You can safely downgrade the firmware version on this device.
  7. brigudav

    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [10.0] [pyxis] Pixel Experience [MAY SECURITY PATCH]

    Changelog: hotfix : improove UI speed Do you feel better now? :confused:
  8. brigudav

    Post MIUI 10 official stable updates - V11.0.5.0.PFHINXM: [30 October 2019]

    My phone version is Chinese, I unlocked the bootloader and installed Indian V10.2.8.0.PFHINXM via fastboot, then updated to V10.2.10.0.PFHINXM. Many times I switched back to tests at and there are no problems.
  9. brigudav

    Post China Oreo ROM

    The first Chinese beta firmware was released on 05.11 for testers. Coming soon for everyone.
  10. brigudav

    Post [Official][Recovery][TWRP]TWRP For Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus/Redmi Note 5

    Use my last TWRP. For all types of touchscreens Novatek, EBBG and Tianma. https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=1322778262904017391
  11. brigudav

    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][VINCE][V3.2.1-026] Red Wolf Recovery Project

    It is necessary to delete a line in BoardConfig.mk TW_MAX_BRIGHTNESS := 255 or change the value to TW_MAX_BRIGHTNESS := 4095
  12. brigudav

    Post No wifi/bluetooth After downgrade

    Download file persist.img here https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=239990 Install last TWRP - https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=745849072291699250 Go to the Install menu, select "Install IMG" and specify the file persist.img Mark section "Persist" and install Reload