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  • Hello Brins0..

    I've download and install your Tonality Soft to try to add a notification when bluetooth equipments (like hand free device) connects the Diamond, but event if your soft is full of option, I don't find anything regarding BT connection. Do you know if it's possible? it may be in dev?

    Thanks in advance...
    Hi thanks for a great app but 1 question is there an option to change the sound for mms because I don't see one. If not is there a registry hack I can do to insert it?
    great brins0: I desire you make some new features:
    1、run gyrator as e service,not only run background.
    2、I want “phone - incoming” can activate two events concurrent :
    device orientation “portrait” ,then simulate keypress “send”
    device orientation “face download” ,then simulate keypress “end” .

    your default events settings “hang up” is for “phone”,not for “Phone - Incoming”. If I change to “Hang Up (Phone),Phone - Incoming ,1,16,128,,115”,“Hang Up ”or”pickup“ only one can be activated,which be promoted before another.

    underlying is my events defined:

    Stylus In,*,2,1087,2,/Windows/Default.wav,0
    Stylus In (Lock),*,2,1087,64,,0
    Stylus Out,*,2,2111,2,/Windows/Default.wav,0
    face down suspen,*,1,16,64,,0
    Disable (Opera),Opera,1,1,1,,0
    Disable (Manila),Manila,1,1,1,,0
    disable spb shell,SpbNow_MainWindow,1,1,1,,0
    Disable (Teeter),TEETER,1,1,1,,0
    Disable (YouTube),HTCYOUTUBE,1,1,1,,0
    Disable (Camera),IACSP20_Main,1,1,1,,0
    Pickup Call (Phone),Phone - Incoming,1,1,128,,114
    Hang Up (Phone),Phone - Incoming ,1,16,128,,115
    disable phone,Phone ,1,1,1,,0
    disable incoming call,Phone - Incoming,1,1,1,,0

    3、I want gyrator can simulate keypress ”power off“ ,the key is on top of diamond. press this key is better than ”suspend device“,because sometimes if gyrator make the action ”suspend device“,the light of diamond touch panel is on however,but we want the light is off.

    THANKS YOU again!!!
    hey, im a little retarted when it comes to this program i cant figure it out for the life of me i want to donate but i need to know if it's gonna do what i need it to do.....1st i've seen people saying it has issues of rotating while on a call...i would like to know if i can make it rotate only on the programs i want it to and if i could get step by step instructions i would very much appreciate it like i said i'm willing to donate
    hy, i like gyrator very much, but i dont program. i write you to give you and idea. when the phone is in any of manila tabs, and you rotate it landscape, you can make gyrator call an action screenlike the htc pro. think about it, instead of disabling it for manila, i think it would be usefull
    Hi i`m really having trouble with gyrator 2. The first version was spot on just perfect for me , i don`t really want to go back to it so i was hoping you could help configure 2 to be like 1 for me. Basically the only thing i need is that when i out my stylus in it vibrates and the screen goes off and it locks. When i take out the stylus it unlocks the phone and vibrates. I also like it to beep when i change orientation. Oh by the way i am unable to change the beep to any other sounds also. I have read the info on your web page and i just cant get my head round it!
    I would really appreciate it thank you...
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