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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][BETA-2][SM-G360H/HU] RESURRECTION REMIX 5.7.4 for SamsungGalaxyCorePrime

    How can i install it on SM-G360F (Code name : coreprimelte) ? i can't find any custom rom for this model and i like a lot this resurrection... I tried to edit update-script (modify the model with mine) and the rest txt type files from META folder but after printing that RR and next 3 sentences...
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    Thread [HELP] ZTE Blade Vec 4G bricked

    Hi, I have a Orange Rono (Aka ZTE Blade Vec 4G) and now it's bricked. I can only enter in the recovery menu, but even there with adb sideload won't accept any signed type zips (tried with test-keys release-keys platform-keys). After trying to flash an (official firmware) I had an idea...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][CM][STABLE][UNOFFICIAL] CM12.1 Galaxy S Duos 2/ Trend Plus S7580/S7582

    For now i have found only two bugs : - Don't show if charge or not (at battery animation) but charges ... - In call the display won't wake up so u cannot close the call. The display will stay off until the other person will cut off the call And for those that wanna make the phone smoother u...
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    Post [ROM][LineageOS13.0][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS13.0 for Galaxy S4 VE (GT-I9515/GT-I9515L)

    Hi, just curious, the otg and hdmi out via usb functions works? I wanna flash this rom after warranty expires but i'm using this functions a lot ...
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    Post [ROM] Cyanogenmod 11 for i9515 [WIP]

    hey guys, don't be rude with the devs ... for creating a kernel from the stock one its pretty hard and needs a lot of time so before say something think this : if u were in his side ... ? P.S. Keep up the hard work, and sorry for that i cannot help in this ... the only thing i know is the open...
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    Post [April Fools]----[Kernel][FULLY WORKING][4.1.2 - 4.4] Matrix Kernel----

    It's a joke sure because the name "Team Fools (TF)" :))
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [DISCONTINUED] Ehndroix V 14.10.11 - Janice [YOU CAN DO A PORTING]

    Hi guys i'm here with some things that i've experienced, but first of all i flashed this rom on XXLQL baseband.And here you have my bug report : -first time when the rom booted, in the configure menu, the wifi worked, but after finised the wifi attempt to start but has no result, after first...
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [DISCONTINUED] Ehndroix V 14.10.11 - Janice [YOU CAN DO A PORTING]

    i will install this rom then after 3-4 days i'll come with some impressions :D and with (i hope) good news for us :D
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    Thread [Q]PORT Stock Camera

    Can someone ho know android development to port the stock camera for the rest customs rom or at last pot it to one or two roms :D
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    you can use 7-zip it's free and you no need to rename only right click on firmware and then 7-zip->open
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    First of all ty to use XXLQL baseband, i'm using it and i never have problem with these: - 1 sec mute when anwering a call; - Sometimes i get "exchange services stopped working"; - Wifi bug; (ONLY first time after instalation have it but now is ok) And for youtube you could use this MOD P.S...
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    try to use this mod for camera, maybe it will work in 16:9 for you too, i didn't haved that problem ... for the second part of the post i don't know to answer but i think there is a problem with gallery so if you change the camera (the gallery changes automatically) it could get working ...
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    you can try Pimp My Rom app from playstore there is a option for universal init.d support but i didn't try it on this rom but on stock and others worked. I hope i helped you.
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    Post [ROM][DISCONTINUED][J-Team][4.4.4] The Android Open Source Project [KTU84P]

    For less tearing you can try XXLQL->CM 11->AOSP J-Team for me is best ... i don't heave any tearing, or it is not noticeable. I'm on Gov : Conservative and I/O : noop
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    Post [MOD] Camera for J-Team AOSP 4.4.2

    Yes i forgot to mention that has 1080p, but has no problem if you set it to 720p. Yes it is hardware, but this is like PhisX on nonPhisX videocards, so is has a little boost of image P.S. And by the way this is for who wanna try or use it. So now depends on you if you like it or no ...