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    I would like to contribute to correct "drift issue" of navitation in China.

    First, thank you for your great work!

    All maps published in China had to add a "location drift" in order to allow to go to market. So if display a physical location obtained by GPS in an "Official map of China", the location will not appear in correct location! So a calculated offset should be added to the GPS location and thus result in a FAKE location, place the FAKE location in "official map" and it will be correctly displayed. It's totally an idiot game played by Chinese government.

    But google adopted "offcial map" in Google Direction Service, so navigation of brut in China become unusable.

    I had written Android navigation programs based on Google MapView and Rmaps and drift issue were fixed and like to contribute source code to you.

    My email address is (acamar AT gmail dot com). Like to hear any idea from you.

    Thanks and regards,

    Walker Chen
    gratsy za kawal dobrej roboty - gdyby to jeszcze chcialo dzialac na Magicu (orange)
    Skoro jestes z PL a nawet Silesi :p to czy można poprosic o manual dla lamerow takich jak ja :]

    Pozdrawiam takze z okolic Kato.
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