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    Thread can facebook story be fixed?

    hey guys! is thers anyway to fix the facebook story? cause they cut from above the pic because of the resolution anyway to fix it ? so it will looks normal the facebook itself looks ok full screen just the story crop
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    Thread facebook story can be fix?

    delete plz
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    Post abought screen brightness

    no man auto brightness is off try it out! if you in a dark place not alot of light even if the screen on full brightness it still will dim itself abit but when you go no outside but to room with much more lite the screen will be more strong its like the auto brightness even when off still...
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    Post abought screen brightness

    look its same like iphone if you use iphone about 5 min its become hote thenn the screen dim i know its in note 20 ultra as well if you use the phone surf lets say facebook 5 min its become little hot and dim the screen (not much ,little bit) at least with the exinos chip
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    Post abought screen brightness

    yes but not all the time after few min i have in familly 3 note 20 ultra and all the same ,so cant be display problem. i know many people say that thing ,and some tell them its like this because thers kind of protection of the screen so it wont be max bright all the time so it will not burn the...
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    Thread whatsapp not waking up the screen

    hey guys!!! is its only me, or we cant wake up the screen when we get whatsapp message? or if we can get the screen to wake up ,do i need to configure somthing?
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    Post abought screen brightness

    no its set to 1 min but thx. but i know everybody got this iisue its like the aouto brightness set to on but its off
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    Thread abought screen brightness

    hey guys! my display set to adaptive,and the auto brightness is off,and the level is full bright but somtimes the screen verybright and good and sometimes after 1 or two minutes ,its become less brightness by itself ,then sudenlly bright again is this normal ? can we fix this ?
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    Thread facebook story problem

    hey guys! i know the phone crop images alot but do we have a way to see facebook story without all the images zoom in so much ? i cant see many story image head at all its crop in too much ,anyway to change it
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    Post whatsapp not waking up the screen

    no man my edge lightning turn off
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    Post Anyone Removing Inner Screen Protector?

    ok so....just pilled my inner screen protector off and 1> feel the same sticky like the protector (people lie when they say its not stick but smooth its not) 2>the finger print i think worse ....(again not like people say) 3>it clean very very fast with no problem at all that good :good: 4>if...
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    Post whatsapp not waking up the screen

    lol its been disable last yeaar my frien ...i see nobody know the ???? straange cause if i cant get screen wakeup with whatsapp nobody can