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    Post [APP][4.0.3+][NO Root] LAN drive - Samba Filesharing Server SMB1 and SMB2

    Awesome interface brakes, you press adjustments and wait for 30 seconds until you go to the setup page. Do not boot up a splash screen, older version 1.5. Xiaomi mi6 android 7.1.1
  2. bucefal82

    Post [APP][MOD][ROOT/NONROOT] YouTube Vanced Edition

    Dear developer! Please set up which tab to open when the application starts (Home, Trending ,Subsriptions and so on) as it was implemented in the module for the Xposed YourTube + Thank you for attention.
  3. bucefal82

    Post [UNOFFICIAL] Xposed v88.1 for MIUI 9 [SDK24/25]

    Does not work for Mi6 miui global dev 7.12.21 android 7.1.1 hangs on the boot screen.
  4. bucefal82

    Post [kernel] MYKernel

    Last kernel just fine but that is a reflection of the charge, very quickly runs up to 90, then a much more economical, apparently, in general misconduct.
  5. bucefal82

    Post [kernel] MYKernel

    All understood the Kernel Auditor forgot to include
  6. bucefal82

    Post [kernel] MYKernel

    How to make log?
  7. bucefal82

    Post [kernel] MYKernel

    Check, put the attached file removing .txt in the folder set the permission 755 Reboot On the way to / data should be based on the contents of the file Test.log Init.d is working !!!
  8. bucefal82

    Post [kernel] MYKernel

    Redmi 3 Multirom not work dt2w.
  9. bucefal82

    Post Sensei [Enjoy the ZenExperience][UberTC][Kernel]

    May be /proc/last_kmsg or /proc/last_kmsg.txt ?
  10. bucefal82

    Post [EOL] [ROM] WIP CM12.1 [LMY49J] for ZTE Blade S6 (P839F30) - development thread

    Возможно, вы имели в виду: У вас что то не правильно! Работают эти сайты на Я не буду это сдесь публиковать скрины Для Зщ..кт Huvb есть свой клиент You chtot on is not right! Work on these sites I will not post it here to see prices screenshots For a site PHub has a mobile client...
  11. bucefal82

    Post [EOL] [ROM] WIP CM12.1 [LMY49J] for ZTE Blade S6 (P839F30) - development thread

    Give links to videos that will not play. And it can not be played where GoogleChrome ? If so then remove it and forget about this browser. Install UCBrowser!
  12. bucefal82

    Post [EOL] [ROM] WIP CM12.1 [LMY49J] for ZTE Blade S6 (P839F30) - development thread

    You did not try to replace the files in the vendor folder from the original firmware for the camera. On MTK happened because of this problem, I can not say exactly what, but it was. Video works for me all in all browsers and social networks, set FlashPlayer Camera Cameringo + Radio Spirit2...