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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [z3c]

    I have bootloader locked = No. Coming from stock, can I still install this rom?
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    Post Unlock Bootloader: No (any way around this?)

    UPDATE: Here is my transcript from Sony support: Is this true? Can 3rd party services unlock bootloaders? If so, how do they do it?
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    Thread Unlock Bootloader: No (any way around this?)

    There are lots of posts out there like this that provide instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, and many other posts that say you can't if Service Settings reports "Unlock Bootloader: No". My problem is that my phone reports 'No' and I very much want to flash a custom rom. Can I do this...
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    Post [OREO][8.1]Unofficial OmniROM [OTA][D5803/5833]

    In Service Settings, my phone shows Bootloader Unlocked: No. Are you telling me there's a way around this? If so, can you please share it?
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [z3c]

    casouzaj, thank you again for such detailed advice! Unfortunately, I got stuck on bootloader unlocked: No. AHH! I can't believe I have a phone that is unflashable.... I am researching ways around this, but haven't had success yet.
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [z3c]

    Thanks, casouzaj for the tip. TA backed-up. I feel foolish asking this (as I've been flashing roms since I first got an i9100), but what's the procedure (it's not detailed in the OP) coming from stock? Do I need to root/unlock/both (if yes, is there a recommended strategy)? I understand from...
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [z3c]

    What is the TA tool that is recommended to backup the Z3C DRM keys... Yes, I did do a lot of searching for this answer, but what I found is a tool that is 'UNMAINTAINED' that does not appear to be recommended any more and another tool that is recommended for Xperia devices (including the Z3)...
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    Post [8.1.x][OFFICIAL][RELEASE] CarbonROM | cr-6.1 [z3c]

    I'm just about to move from stock to carbon6 - should I back up DRM before I do this? I've seen lots of posts that suggest this is no longer an issue, and others that say I absolutely should back them up. I'm hoping someone can give me a definitive answer as to why I'd need them on carbon6? I...
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    Post [7.x.x][WEEKLIES] CarbonROM | cr-5.1 [z3c]

    And that is the best news our Z3C has had in a longggg time. Bring on 'O'! :good::good::good:
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][7.1.1]LineageOS 14.1 - Nexus 7 2013 (LTE) [NIGHTLIES]

    I just flashed the latest Lineage (Nov 30ish) and it's running smooth and fine on my n7 2013.
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    Post [ROM][FINAL][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][OTA][OMS][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX[19/12/2017]

    That's 4 hours of limited use. Battery utilization shows android Of is using most of it. In the lineage thread a number of users suggest the June release is much nicer to the battery and have rolled back.
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    Post [ROM][FINAL][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][OTA][OMS][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX[19/12/2017]

    I am finding that the battery drain is very high. My battery will be totally dead in 4 hrs after factory reset,fullwipe and just pico installed.
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    Post [ROM][FINAL][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][OTA][OMS][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX[19/12/2017]

    Thanks for the boot.img tip. I'm noticing that my GPS is detected in GPS Toolbox, but I can't seem to find any satelites or a location. Is this normal for Nougat? Any ideas why this would be?
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    Post [ROM][FINAL][OFFICIAL][7.1.2][OTA][OMS][i9100]RESURRECTION REMIX[19/12/2017]

    RE: boot.img Been away for a while... thanks so much for this. The Kernel tweaks are extremely helpful. When I boot into Recovery, I can't find boot.img to flash (though it is in the Downloads folder I'm looking in). How do I flash it?