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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) Prerooted Stock Images []

    Was this unit out of stream for a while? I just updated a unit that has not been connected for a while and I had to go through a two steps validation to re-register it again...... read here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201819620
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    Post FireTV 2 (sloane) Prerooted Stock Images []

    I can not download any of the files. Had links been removed? Firetv 1 and FireStick links are working.
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    Post can i install kodi 17.1 on 1st gen rooted fire tv

    If you have a rooted image installed on this box it will not update without installing a non-rooted image first. Now if you know how to do that then you should be able to follow info posted in previous post as well, keep root and upgrade to OS5.
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    Post can i install kodi 17.1 on 1st gen rooted fire tv

    Why not keep root and upgrade to OS5?
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    Post FireTV Stick (montoya) TWRP Recovery

    Do a factory reset, it will update to the newest s/w and root will be gone.....
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    Post Fire Stick can't play Amazon Prime content

    Prime is part of the system menu and can not be erase as you erase an app
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    Post Fire Stick can't play Amazon Prime content

    You have OTA updates blocked. Is it a reason why if you do not want to root it? You will not be able to reset to factory if OTA updates are blocked however if you unblock it will update to the latest s/w version and at the moment is no way to root it but you can still install Kodi. Why not...
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    Post Help With Refreshing An AFTV 2 (Runaway Memory Hog)

    Why not erase the whole system in TWRP (select all option but not USB\micro SD card) and then reinstall (do not boot after task is completed) rbox image, this should clean the whole thing. Before you do that make sure you have rbox rooted image saved on a micro SD, card is inserted in your unit...
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    Post I wiped the system in TWRP

    WARNINGS •It is extremely important you never reboot after a failure. This will most likely lead to a brick. If recovery is hung, you can use adb shell to run Code: killall recovery to restart it •It is also extremely important to never reboot after wiping /system.
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) TWRP Recovery

    Flash again rooted.zip using TWRP. If you watch closer its installation you will see that su will install as well, one more thing if you lose root you will lose TWRP as well. How did you determined that you lost root?
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    Post FireTV 2 (sloane) Prerooted Stock Images []

    You need to be rotted and have TRWP installed to be able to flash rbox pre-rooted images.
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    Post FireTV 1 (bueller) TWRP Recovery

    Would bootloader still be fully unlocked after installing TWRP? Reason I am asking is I do not get the same response in adb shell as before installing it. Thank you. I am answering my own question: - sending cat /proc/cmdline commend I get a return unlocked_kernel=true
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    Post unbrick firestick 2??

    Not sure what you installed but recovery has not been released for these units yet.