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  • Hello Dear

    I'm new here. I was looking at your POST in which you have provided a tool named 'Grab It.exe' for invisible ROM dumping. I have successfully created the 'dump.bin' file from my device but still unable to extract the files from this dump. Which application should i use to extract .nbf files etc. from this dump? Help will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...

    hi buzz,
    am new to this forum and came across your notes on magalin satnav reguarding grabing a dump from the rom, the only problem i have is the rom is empty due to a format thinking i wuonld be able to put a diffrent satnav software on my magalin roadmate 1200,now my computer cant connext to it so i can put the backup back on, is the any way you can help me,thanks alan
    also buzz i have no signal and cant access orange webb site or any internet fron my phone, im on pay as u go ,and dont have a thing on my pc to go wireless
    hi buzz , i have a spv m5000 on orange ,i went on the orange official website and tryed to download the rom upgrade and it came up with a message saying 120 error code so i couldnt load it ,anyway i turned my phone back on and the rom version is missing and the protocol version is missing too ,i also noticed theres no iemi number comeing up on my phone ,can u help me ,ive tried to down load a rom fix but i just end up getting directed back that ruu one at the orange site were i get the same area code message
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