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    Post [ROM] [ROOT] [TWRP] [GUIDE] YT9216B Chinese Android Head Unit

    Hey were u able to find the twrp file for ur unit?
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    Thread Help root generic android head unit

    I would like to root my head unit but all the attempts have not worked when i run the adb root it says the device is already running root but ive tried pushing su but no dice when i check wirh root checker it says root not properly installed. i know im doing something wrong but idk what it is...
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    Post [App] Tima PhoneLink APK aka carnet

    Does anyone have this apps apk but without the malware?
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    Thread unlock bootloader for htc desire 510 from cricket using windows 10

    i tried to unlock my bootloader but for some reason it fails to unlock i cant get the token because im using windows 10 tbh idk what is wrong or what i did wrong plz help.