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  • Tried to follow your instructions on changing ID to Raphel with SetModID.exe, but after BB install, model is stil Rhodium. What could I be doing wrong. Is there any way that I can see model before installing client to ensure base has worked?
    Hi -
    Just a note of thanks. Got BBC working on my stock Tilt 2 b/c of your thread. Also got 2 connections going so it doesn't break up BBC all the time. Much appreciated.
    Hi c0rnholio!!
    I install the EnergyROM "Warhawk" (23016), need your help with the BB connect, i try many options to install that and dont work.
    Hi.. Can you help me use the BB connect version 31 in WM6.1 version 5.2.21040. I use HTC universal. what values should i use....
    kind regards
    Hi.. Can you help me in changing the WM6.1 version 5.2.20764 to 5.1.195. I use HTC universal and intend to use BB connect version 31
    What kind of help are you looking for on the US GSM side for Hush SMS? We use Centennnial Wireless here in the Midwest. Currently using a Kaiser but also have a Hermes to use if needed. I'm not a hard core techie/developer but know my way around PC's pretty well.

    Kind regards,
    Interesting work finding that winmo htc devices were open to wap pushes w/out any authentication - Although, I'm finding that Sprint and CDMA carriers don't pass through or allow wap pushes. You have any experience with that? For binary sending via SMS the best I've found is //SCLK
    Hi, would it be possible for you to help us in the Blackstone forum with making Blackberry Connect work on the HTC Touch HD? Many of us are willling to offer a reward. Thank you.

    how to modify the resolution of GrandP.zip to reach 800 pixel (for my toshiba g900)

    hi I got a problem that omnia widgets are not functional on my Hermes, You wrote that on Your Hermes it is OK, how did You do that??
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