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    Thread [Q] Notification Delay Problem.

    Hey everyone, I've been having this awful problem with some of my apps (not all) on my Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite phone, running the Global Stable ROM. Most of the times there's a delay in receiving the notifications - sometimes I get them instantly, sometimes the delay is just 2-3 minutes, but...
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    Post [Guide][Mi 8 Lite](Global) how to install TWRP + root with Magisk

    Thanks for the reply. Tried to edit my original post, but am getting constant errors. Problem was with the Magisk version - tried with a previous one and it worked perfectly fine.
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    Post [Guide][Mi 8 Lite](Global) how to install TWRP + root with Magisk

    So I did everything correctly, installed Magisk v18.1 (which is the latest) - it all installed correctly without errors in TWRP, but after the phone rebooted itself, there's no Magisk app on the screen... any idea why that is?
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    Thread Downgrade from Miui 10 to Miui 9 without root?

    I just received my MI 8 Lite today and it came with MIUI Global Stable ROM. Previously I owned Redmi 5 Plus, and when I updated it from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 I started having notification problems (some apps don't show notifications, no matter what I do - I tried everything possible that I...
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    Thread Delete

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    Post Sense 5.5 lockscreen

    Any way to put the clock on the upper part of the screen as before ???
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    Post Camera problem: red/blue/purple noise in low light photos

    My red tint is not heat related. At cold phone if I cover the camera with my finger it is red immediately. I think my sensor was damaged at start, cause it didn`t take night shots well enough ... there was always a lot of noise on every pic, but it got worse and worse, until I`m not able to...
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    Post Recommended pouches?

    Anyone has an experience with this ?
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    Post [PHOTOS][POLL][21 March]Share photos clicked from HTC One

    Is this 100% a broken sensor and if not, can it be fixed with a software update? And btw ... how does that sensor break in the first place ?
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    Post Things you don't know about your HTC one

    What exactly is that ?
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    Post HTC One tiny gap between casing

    This is REDICULOUS :mad::mad::mad:
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life This is what I`m talking about ... Look at the held awake time and no battery loss for 5 hours. That`s what I`m trying to accomplish !
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    Post Battery Stats Thread

    How did you manage to do that !??!?!?!!? That`s what I`m trying to figure out in my wakelocks thread. Can you PM me or post some screenshots of your wakelocks please ?
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    Post [PHOTOS][POLL][21 March]Share photos clicked from HTC One

    Macro with sharpness set to - 1. First is without auto enhance, second with. Sent from my HTC One using xda app-developers app
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    Post Wakelocks and 60 Hours of Battery Life

    Some of the screens are exactly from the app you are talking about :) I`v read a lot in this thread about the different wakelocks, problem is that phones have different reasons for the wakelocks, but I could try the upload you are mentioning, to see if someone will respond. Thanks !