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  • hi mr shekhar you have a good job i tist youre rom *build 21014 aku 1.6.0* worck very good thanks
    Hi c_shekhar,

    Thanks for the excellent ROM cook: ROM: WM1.60.21014bCS (build 21014 AKU 1.6.0) WWE for Polaris Device.
    dated: 29.Jan.2009
    OS 5.2.21014 (Build 21014.1.6.0)

    I will really aappreciate if you could cook Lite version of it. Can you?


    hello guru
    i need help
    my dopod d600 update to wm 6 how it possible camera r not woring
    os 5.1.422(build 15633.3.2.0)
    rom version 1.2.707.1 wwe
    ram date 11/30/06
    radio version
    extrom version 1.2.707.101
    ram 64 mb
    flash size 128 mb
    data bus 16 bits
    pls help me
    6.5 is not of my liking as well. i am still using the original rom which came with my vodafone diamond. i have been waiting for a rom of my taste which has so far been (in hima) your roms. the other things i (and most others) liked about your hima roms are- the in depth description and detail you provide on 'how to flash' your roms + ExtROM on storage card + most useful softwares included + important tweeks included + 'ROCK SOLID, FAST & STABLE'.
    The closest to what I want in diamond has so far been - skaks1979 - [ROM][WWE][09MAY] Shaks.P v4.30 [OEM 2.07] UC 5.2.21042 8 Versions [Back Online] ---but I have a hunch that your rom will be more desirable to me:
    so- i am sure that the community (including me) would much appreciate your diamond roms.
    Eagerly Awating.
    Happy to have friends like you dr JAT. I have beek cooking for myself and not been releasing the Diam ROMs. If you need I can post on the board my latest 21051 WM6.1 ROM. I dont like WM6.5 as of now. ;)
    Hello (Guru) Shekhar. Always been a big fan of yours and used/still using your Hima ROM's. Pleased to see that you now own TouchDiamond (like myself) and eagerly awaiting your Diamond ROM's. Regards
    hi about your method for reset time call duration. I tested ond htc jade and don t work. This methos is only for xda?
    Simple!! Slide to settings tab on manila -> tap on "customize tabs" and put the MTP on the first in the list. you have it overlapping..
    hi, i am new to this forum, i am having a bluetooth issue with my HTC cruise(POLARIS)(radio: from htc rom .

    The issue is , I am not able to get the stored caller name on my i-tech clip d-radio Bluetooth head set, it is having caller id display BTver 2.1, but only caller number is coming...
    but if i pair the same BT with motorola L9, Sony erricson k5 if i get call from stored number, the name is comming in BT display.

    I installed advanced config utility and tried all the settings under BT and still didn't get the desired result. I also installed Window Mobile 6.5 cooked ROM.

    About BT Head set: it is a stero BT,With caller ID display, FM, BUZER, BT VER 2.1. it is from itechdynamics hongkong..

    Please let me know what is the exact reason for not displaying the caller name in HTC CRUISE and what is the exact difference between normal mobile hardware and HTC CRUISE

    Hello master of ROMs,

    I have tried so many ROMs for my polaris and your ROM (c_shekhar WM1.60.21014bCS WWE ROM (build 21014.1.6.0) is the best and most flexible so far. After Arabizing the ROM and installing all my favorite softwares, the device is almost perfect (Only lacks better camera video and still shots quality). OUTSTANDING c_shekar. is there any more upcoming ROMs made by you? Or have you already changed your device? ;) I would wanna know what device woud you switch to if you would?

    Thanks for the great work sir :)
    ok dear c_shekhar,
    i could reinstall ur nice ROM, but i noticed that all colors on top and battery also are changed to wite color, also battery indicator will be full all time
    any solution to keep colors as 1st time of installation and mattery green color with percentage after we could have vedio calls
    thanks for your previous response and look forward to get you help please
    thanks allot
    Something seems to have gone wrong with your SPL. Do you have hardSPL installed? check by going into bootloader..
    dear c_shekhar, i want to ask a Q.
    i was using ur room and i installed 3lit3 ROM now, when i trier to reinstall ur ROM again i couldnt even if i installeh the hrad spl
    actually both rooms are so great
    even i tried to reinstall the original rom from htc for the cruise but it didnt accept
    any solution please to not receiving any more (error 270)
    i will be await for ur advice
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