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    Post PACEficator Project | v1.0 Installer Everest 2 ROM | Stratos 3 (2020/12/03)

    I can confirm that, i have installed and wifi is working OK. Thanks Saratoga!
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    Post [MotoMods Supported][OMS7][NOUGAT][7.1.2][Addison]XPerience-11.1.2_r29 [NIGHTLY]

    On last build, notification LED not blinking anymore, just stay ON, any way to fix it? Thanks in advance!
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    Post [NOUGAT][UBER 4.8] Amateratsu Kernel [BETA]

    F2FS fix works perfect! Thank you! And thank you for Zzmoove too!
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    Post [ROM][addison] Unofficial LineageOS 15.0

    I made a simple Magisk module to run MotoCamera as priv-app, you can test it, in LineageOS 14.1 works OK.
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    Thread [APP][Magisk] MotoCamera4Magisk

    A simple Magisk module to run MotoCamera (Lastest Official Moto Z Play Camera App) as privileged app (priv-app) on custom roms, this way you can save photos and videos in external SDCard, tested on Official LineageOS 14.1.
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    Post [Brasso]Remove all Scratches From Camera Lens.

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can confirm this works awesome!
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    Post [MotoMods Supported][OMS7][NOUGAT][7.1.2][Addison]XPerience-11.1.2_r29 [NIGHTLY]

    You need set permisive mode, install this module in magisk.
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    Post Post your Moto Z Play Screenshots here!!

    You have to push "Volume -" and "Power Button" at the same, then, keep pressed and wait to the screenshot is taken.
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    Post [KERNEL][GEE-HRC-SPR-HRC4G-B][5.X.X, 6.X.X] NitrogenEX 3.0 (24.05.2016)

    I'm using it in cm12.1 from Kevinjoa without problems.
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    Post [FIXED!] Fix for not working sensors/rotation

    You're welcome, but the copyright is for blackbird5308, I only contributed with the raw material. ;)
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    Post [FIXED!] Fix for not working sensors/rotation

    I'm using CM12.1 from Kevinjoa and my sensors works OK, here are my images.