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Recent content by CadillacMike

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    Post Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I still have the Dasaita, running solid, no issues. Mine is the Jeep specific unit, here is an overview video: https://youtu.be/xkD2B9ONxls
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    Yes, it is the official OnePlus version, but sold at a T-Mobile store
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    Thread Made a video of the XA2 Ultra

    Over the summer I tried out the XA2 Ultra, I made several posts in Sony subreddit about it. I ended up not keeping it since it did not work with VoLTE or WiFi Calling on T-Mobile, however I really liked the phone. I recorded a bunch of stuff and then never made a video for it, but I figured...
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    I have the Karbon uX-avaDiV-o
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    How is the red silicone?
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    Post Best Official OnePlus 6t Case

    i got the Karon case: https://youtu.be/uX-avaDiV-o
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    Post I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday

    That is the Samsung S3 Frontier, I have had it almost 2 years and it has been pretty great. I have had multiple different smartwatches, but this has been by far my favorite
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    Post Vibration motor

    I never had a previous OnePlus so I can't confirm how it compares to the previous OnePlus. I do have a Note9 and it is significantly weaker than the Note9. However, I don't find it bad, someone on Reddit described it as similar to plucking a guitar string which I find to be pretty accurate...
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    Post Do you think this will be a large hit in the US because of T Mobile?

    I got one in San Francisco yesterday at a T-Mobile store, I asked if they sold a lot and they said about 5. This was around 7pm
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    Thread I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday

    I got the OnePlus 6T yesterday in San Francisco. I am traveling for my for real job, and while I avoided stepping in homeless people's ****, I was not able to avoid the temptation of a new phone. I made an unboxing video in my hotel room: oNS_3rmemK8 TL;DW I unbox the T-Mobile variant, but I...
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    Thread Updated my T-Mobile LG V20 to Oreo

    It's been out for almost a week, but I have been traveling and didn't have time to get to it. At this point my Note9 is my daily driver, and I just use the V20 for the video camera and as a backup phone. My install was pretty quick, less than 20 minutes. All of my apps were there and my data...
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    Post Joying EQ overview

    I don't have that head unit anymore
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    Post Dasaita Hot Audio - Android 8.0 - 4GB of RAM - PX5 overview

    I am still running Dasaita, great product. Make sure you get one with 4GB of RAM
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    Post Fortnite waiting list?

    I made a video about how to get the Galaxy skin and the 15k V-Bucks: 2lnoTeGveAs Anyone with a recent Samsung device should be able to download Fortnite from the Galaxy apps store. And I think anyone with a Note can get the Galaxy skin, but only the pre-orders should get the 15k V-Bucks...