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Recent content by cafein

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    Post [ROM][4.1.2][XXEMC3]Sotmax Ultimate Stock V19

    Can I flash this over v8 without a full wipe because I have no time to download all my apps again .
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    Post [ROM][4.1.2][XXEMC3]Sotmax Ultimate Stock V19

    I can not see anything , could you please upload it again.
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.3 | ICS | High Quality & Performance | Legendary

    I am about to flash this rom but which kernel should I prefer Sebastian or Faux 123 ? Which one should I choose ?
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    Post [ROM]█ ELEGANCIA™█ ◄ICS►[10 June]◄|v3.1.1|►Tweaks|APM|Beats|APN Unlock◄|3.32.531.14|►

    now I have reflashed the rom and performed hard format again and have the same issue :S only bug I have seen splash screen disappears :(
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    Post [ROM]█ ELEGANCIA™█ ◄ICS►[10 June]◄|v3.1.1|►Tweaks|APM|Beats|APN Unlock◄|3.32.531.14|►

    after performing a hard format beats aoudio splash screen disappeared and relaced with old android splash screen :( could you provide a flashable zip for beats audio splash screen ?
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    Post [CLOSED Topic]

    Both devices are running on the same board so you can easily swap them and get a running android on htc titan or running wp7 on sensation XL :)
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    Post How to enable Internet sharing on AT&T HTC Titan

    I have an At&t Titan too and I live in İstanbul, Turkey.My carrier is Vodafone also and can use internet sharing.For this all you need a 2gb micro SD card and a card reader and a Y cable ( too easy yo prepare or you can get it from a store on the net ). There are many turtorials in the XDA ...
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    Post New HTC Update for Windows Phone

    I am getting zune 80180008 error :( is there a way to fix it ??
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    Post [NewTech 8107 9L ROM]Mozart_Europe_5.12.401.02_Radio_5.71.09.02a_22.51. 50.21by ansar

    Very nice ROM all work but I have small question after flashing rom I have choosed the nokia market and downloaded the nokia drive and maps but nokia drive gives me an error as " only nokia devices are supported " so what should I do to run nokia drive on this rom ? Thanks Ansar
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    Post Rom-Full/Lite version-OS 8773-Full Language-07/04/2012-Discontinute#Sold Htc Mozart#

    just do it man :) and could you please delete some wallpapers in it especially "the girls".
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    Thread ( Question )( URGENT ) Flashing back to official rom

    Hello to everyone ,I need a little help about flashing my mozart back to official rom.Deepshining v3 was flashed before I get my mozart and yesterday I have flashed an other custom rom ( DFT v8 ) and runned it for 2 hours.As actually I love stock roms because of stability so decided to flash a...
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    Post [ROM][JAN 10] G2 Slim v1.6 -- OTA 2.16.531.5 NO BLOAT!!

    I really want to use this rom but all I need a global apn list for it, could you please provide a zip ?
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    Post [ROM][JAN 4] Ice Cream Sandwich for Desire Z [BETA9R1]

    will there be fm radio support in the future ? I am on this rom now but really need fm radio except this issue this rom is really great :) thanks for your hard working :)
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    Post NEW! [July 26] [Sense 3.5] Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Sense 3.5 / Smooth / Themed

    clear cahache, dalvik and try fixing permissions after ;)
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    Post NEW! [July 26] [Sense 3.5] Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Sense 3.5 / Smooth / Themed

    only one and minor bug with the latest version of your rom :) when device goes to power saver mode as you know it shows a popup warning for this and in that popup window letter color and the background color are the same and it is impossible to read the letters, I am just saying this for making...