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    Post [ROM] [9.0] [GO] Optimized LineageOS 16.0 by Team InFusion [BETA] [20.08.19]

    For black screen when call income issue; i have a solution. After booting phone make a phone call to anyone first after that you will be able to get calls.
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    Post {Updated}[GUIDE][ROOT] Enable calling feature on whatsapp!

    Yes akshaysalunke13 called me now and it's working
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    Post LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    how can i create log?
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    Post LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    I'm using a Star A-2000 but i think it's not about RAM. It's like there is a sending/receiving problem with bluetooth module/app. I tried million ways to make it work but can't. It's time to buy new phone i think (: but it's weird because i bought a watch for my phone but now i have to buy a...
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    Post LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    i tried openliveview app from market and unstable version from site but cannot connect to LV. i tried lots of things but it says LV connected in notification panel but LV displays connecting symbol (which is LV and pc and a line---).