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  • Wish You a merry Christmas and happy new year,
    May Our Lord Jesus Christ make the new Year a year of Happiness and Love to the world
    nOOB here to HARDSPL and Rom Flashing. Need some direction. I have a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 and successfully installed the latest HARDSPL. I am unsure where to go from here? I wanted to upgrade to WM6.5 but am having difficulty finding an appropriate ROM for my phone. Please forgive the basic nature of my inquiry. I tried searching using the forum search but could not get the search terms to work either. Thank you in advance for any assistance.
    hey dude .. don't want to spam atom's thread .. one question: what's happening with the 2.6rom when i open the keyboard? black screen? it doesn't support landscape right? greetz
    Listen, do you use a backup software? I planning on using sprite backup and use it only for settings and registry. Is it safe?
    Oh ok, this is what I'm going to do. I will flash the new HTC ROM and let you and others know how it is and in a few days you let me know any more info on the ATT radio ROM if any.
    I noticed on htcpedia that they have a new HTC radio ROM as well with the ATT radio ROM. What is the difference besides one is 46 and the other is 47? I don't know if you flashed the HTC one. How is the ATT one going for you so far?
    Well, hi back. Since you're local, do you know anyone with a fish tank? I got a Chinese apple snail that was about to make some mini's (7, which is very few for a snail). They're great tank cleaners, aren't eating any of my plants, just alegae, not yet old enough to be reproducing (it can be a problem) and are very hardy. They just can't be released because they throw off ecosystems, not to mention they get big enough to clog plumbing.

    I think it would be a great story to make a connection like this on such an inorganic forum like this one, so I thought I'd ask. Kinda silly, really.

    It's nice to hear fronm a Minneapolitan!
    hi i just join this website im having problems with posting my question can you help me but i just brought a g-1 and i cant afford the data plan is there a way i can get around dat meaning can i get the data plan and use my phone without paying or messing up my phone pleasw help me
    my name is vijay,
    i've mda compact ii, my problem is my mobile has stopped working. since i tried to update the uspl, the mobile does get on, the green screen comes for a sec & goes off. & the light indicator also doesn't get on when try to connect to the pc & charge.
    pls. help me solve this problem.

    i installed android on my htc touch vouge and the internet doesnt work but i just watched a video on u tube the person had the same phone the internet worked along with the google maps and so on. could you please let me know how to fix it if you know thanks
    Hey thanks that sounds great because I've been reading up a lot on how to do each thing but I just need like a quick run through to make sure I don't do things out of order and all. Have a good night and talk to you tomorrow. :)

    Hey dashmaster1000 I read your post in the thread I posted a while back and you recommended L26 V4 TF3D ROM and I was wondering if you could tell me some steps toward flashing this ROM, I've never flashed a ROM or changed radios or hardspl before and was wondering if you could just tell me some steps so I don't end up bricking my phone by doing it wrong...if not its fine and thank you for your time and help.

    Hey Dashmaster... Mery Christmas to you. I have a problem.. I took your advice (Dl'ed Garmin's lastest rom and Dl'ed that TF3D cab) but I am having weird stuff happen. Please tell me exactly what you did so your ROM could run smoothly with out all the problems (you mentioned someting about mortscript... maybe reconfig buttons? I have no idea what to do) Thanks for all your help

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