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  • Hi Stacy!
    I am currently using TomTom 7, which I downloaded from this site, with the TomTom 6.75 North America maps I bought from TomTom on their site. I had TomTom 6 before this, and it also worked fine on my Fuze. Sadly, TomTom has never released a newer version than 6 for the North America market (and may never do so), but TomTom 7 works great with the 6.75 maps. Just make sure if you do run TomTom 7 on your Fuze, you have the 6.75 maps or higher, as any lower editions won't work with TomTom 6.

    I hope that helps, let me know if you need any more help!

    Hello California Railroader,

    I also recently bought a AT&T Fuze and unlocked it for Rogers in Canada. I used to have TOMTOM 6 with US and Canada maps. I read that you got a solution that works,

    Could you please help me get the same? I would really appreciate. I love this hobby!


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