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    Post [RECOVERY][DUALBOOT][MAGISK][V5] TWRP/OrangeFox for the OnePlus 6/6t [05-Mar-2021]

    I have a question that I couldn't find an answer to. If I use the stock layout and I have OOS and Android 11 as of now. If tomorrow I decide to change my rom would it wipe my entire partition again if I still stick with stock layout?
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    Post [Release Candidate] Dolby Atmos™

    For some reason this causes the brightness function on OnePlus 6T to freeze. Auto brightness no longer works and even manual reduction and increase of brightness no longer functions
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    Post OnePlus 6T android 10 GSI help

    There's one here but I'm not sure if it's for the 6T
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    Post [ROM][9.0][UNOFFICIAL][FAJITA] Pixel Experience [AOSP][FINGERPRINT]

    Followed exactly this and I'm left with random reboots at intervals. Strange.
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    Post Is the 2019.3 Android 9.0 pie security update critical?

    You just have to download the zip and flash it and before rebooting flash the TWRP installer and magisk and then reboot to system. It should barely take you 3 minutes. Also every security patch is critical in one way or the other.
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-11][fajita]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 6T (Stable)

    So I was on lineage OS and I planned to go back to stock so I flashed the rom then installer and after a reboot wiped data and cache and then flashed magisk and reboot and it keeps booting back into recovery.
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    Post Substratum bootloop

    Leave a space after fastboot or just copy and paste the command I gave you
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    Post Substratum bootloop

    Boot your phone into bootloader and type this command in your fastboot terminal fastboot --set-active=b after that reboot and you're done
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    Post [ROM][Pixel-XL][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    As far as I can remember that used to happen when you're rooted/have xposed install. We don't have xposed yet so I assume it's the root.
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    Post Google pixel wifi issues

    I've been experiencing the same issue since the time I purchased the device and I'm yet to come across any particular solution. A workaround that I've found is disconnecting the wifii, reconnecting it and then rebooting the device. It starts to work normally after doing those 3 things for at...
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    Post Snapchat Quality

    Pictures on my XL do take up the whole screen without any issues and as far as the photo quality is concerned I find it good
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    Post Bootloops when flashing System, Data

    I'm stuck with the exact same problem since months.
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    Post [ROOT] SuperSU

    For all those without the FC, you probably have battery saver turned on at 15% which is why you don't run into the FC. It's nothing to do with your Verizon or Google phone. Chainfire I'll try to get a logcat soon