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  • Thanks for posting those bugs in Cookie's thread - I could have said so in the thread, but it's long enough :)

    If I remember right you're also working on creating Manila Tab as CAB files - so as I'm writing to you anyway, I might as well say thanks for that too!

    thanks for your hard work...would you please capture a screen shot from icons of programs bar?

    you iran it is hard to download files....our speed of net is 1/100 speed of net in euorope...and it is really hard to download a 100 mb file...i want to download your best version of rom..please help me...
    Hi Captain, I was hoping you would have a few mins on msn to give me some advice about my touch pro thats driving me crazy?thanks
    was just looking at one of your posts, noticed Levittown in the city. I'm from lower bucks myself!
    hi captain... am new in this. my htc p3700 has a problem, i tried flashing it with some custom roms bt kept on failing. i did this 3 times... i gave up. i now notice that my phone cant go to 3g unless am outside my house, i used to surf with hsdpa in my house now its only on edge... is there a fix for this... i already flashed it with htc's new rom update but it didnt solve the problem. please help if there's a solution. thnx
    my email is [email protected]
    I just want to say thank you for your hard work! I have been learning alot from your posts. You Rock!
    Thanks for the support!

    Two more Q's..

    1. Is there a way to see how long each phone call was? When i go into "Call History" - it only shows the date (or if the call was from today - shows the time) but you never can tell how long you were on that particular call

    2. What time that call took place after a day goes by as it only shows the date?

    Thanks again!

    hey did you every have active sync working in arrupenthal? did you ever get it working in ROM energy 2.0? I still cant get it to work...its killing me for work
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