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    Thread [Q] 2.3 on Galaxy Nexus?

    People will shoot me for even asking this, but... Is there any ROM based on Gingerbread for the GSM Galaxy Nexus? Not that I actually want it, but would be curious to try it out on this phone. Thanks!
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    Post [Q] Flashing takju AOSP IMM76I

    I JUST found it, was coming on this thread to say it, actually :) Thanks for your help!
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    Thread [Q] Flashing takju AOSP IMM76I

    Hello, Couldn't find a particular post for this, so I'm asking. How do we flash an image coming directly from Google? Is it simply a matter of going into the Bootloader and then... fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-maguro-primela03.img fastboot reboot-bootloader fastboot flash radio...
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    Post [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    I don't know if all players supports it, but the Music 4.0 from Google does. I would assume something like PowerAMP or WinAMP supports it as well (I converted them through WinAMP on my PC) Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using XDA
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    Post [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    Actually... Not THAT good, I hadn't tried any bass heavy songs, but just did and doesn't sound too well. I'll try to convert to eAAC+ again but at a higher rate. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using XDA
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    Post [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    I've just converted 1 063 songs from 11.3 GB down to 1.72 GB, and quality is still more than decent. The compression rate is simply retarded, I now feel like my 16 GB phone turned into a 160 GB iPod, just because of that codec lol Thanks again dude, really appreciated!
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    Post [SOLVED] Display caller's Company

    I don't think it would even be possible, unless someone has access to ALL numbers from ALL phone companies. Also, if you transfer your phone number to a different company, it may mess up the results...
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    Post [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    I'll check this out, thank you! :)
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    Post [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    I thought about streaming, but I recently changed wireless carriers and went from 6 GB of data per month to 500 MB, so I have to be extra careful (I activated 3 days ago and I'm already about to go over, so imagine with music). I hate creating playlists or changing music every so often, I...
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    Post Post your Galaxy Nexus home screens

    Here's mine! Pretty simply, I love how black looks on an AMOLED screen!
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    Thread [Q] Best audio codec considering limited space?

    Hello, I just switched from an HTC Raider to a Galaxy Nexus and so far, I love it, except that there's no MicroSD slot, therefore limiting a bit the space available for music. I have about 13 GB of music, which barely fits on the phone. They're mostly all MP3 196 kbps. What I'd like to do is...
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    Post Charging issues

    What kind of answer is that...?
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    Post at&t vivid on rogers with LTE?

    As per GSM Arena... HTC Raider 4G (that's the Rogers one) and HTC Vivid (the AT&T one) has the same bands, so technically speaking, it will work They're both LTE 700/1700/2100
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    Post [Q] Best settings for optimal battery life?

    Any examples of stock widgets that uses a lot of battery? I have the HTC clock w/ weather but it's disabled in Accounts and Sync + location is off, so it really is just for the actual clock. I have the music one, e-mail, calendar, SMS.
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    Post [Q] Best settings for optimal battery life?

    Haven't thought about the keyboard feedback, I assume it'll make some sort of difference. I'll try it out. I don't make/receive that many phone calls, so I can definitely live without the "flip for speaker" and "pocket modes". Silly question: I've returned my phone back to stock Rogers through...