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    Post [ROM][TW][4.4.4][15.10.17][v11-final-link] HYPER-ROM | be unique

    I have same problem too, it happen when 15% battery low notification popup coming up, after that got this problem and cannot returns to normal mode.
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    Post [ROM][TW][4.4.4][15.10.17][v11-final-link] HYPER-ROM | be unique

    UPSM Bug I found a bug related to ultra power saving mode, after enter this mode and then restart the phone, everything turns to grey scale and cannot see notification bar menu item, also cannot leave this mode as the UPSM Manager hang. Please help, thank you.
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    Post Samsung galaxy Note 3 N900 Exynos need it's own forum

    +1 I agree on this too
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    Post [FroYo Sense] LeeDrOiD Mod V1.9a (24/08 l HTC 2.2 l Fast! l Stable! l Up to Date)

    search for Dialer One on the market great android dialer replacement
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    Post [ROM-FroYo AOSP+CyanogenMod] DeFroST 6.1a 12/12: HAVS/FM/MODS/OTA

    I think it does. I got some program force closed. Need to be confirm.