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I have retired from developing SuperSU, and am currently taking a break from devving in general

A proper quote includes only the relevant paragraphs, and a proper post never ends with the word "why"

Huawei Mate 8, Mate 9 Pro
General Mobile 4G
HTC G1, Hero, One, 10
Letv Le 1s, Le 1 Pro
LG G Pad 8.3, G Watch, G3
Moto E, G2
Samsung i5800, i9000*2, P1000*2, P7100, i9100*2, N7000, P6800, i9300, N7100, i9505, N9005, G900F, G906K, N910F, G920F, N920T, G930F, G950F
Sony T LT30p, Z C6603, Z3TC
Nexus Galaxy*2, N7*2, N10, N7-2013, N7-2013-3G, N5, N9, N6, N5X, N6P, Pixel C, Pixel XL
Kindle Fire Phone, Fire HD, Fire HDx
Smartisan M1L

Holey Light, Hidey Hole, SuperSU, FlashFire, Mobile ODIN, TriangleAway, DSLR Controller, CF-Root, 500 Firepaper, Recently, OpenDelta, USB Host Diagnostics, ExynosAbuseAPK, Live dmesg+logcat, NoMoarPowah!, CF-Bench, Chainfire3D, CF.lumen, SGS2 SIM Unlocker, GingerBreakAPK, SuperPower, and more!

Windows Mobile 5/6
E-Mobile EM-ONE
HTC Wizard*2, Kaiser, Touch, Diamond, Pro, HD*2, Diamond 2, Pro 2*2, HD2*2
Samsung i780, i900*2, i8000*2, b7300, b7320, b7330, b7620*2, b6520

WMWifiRouter, KaiserTweak, FPUEnabler, WMLongLife, WMRegOptimizer, CFC+GUI, TF3D+v2 ports, Kaiser+Omnia2+Snapdragon 3D drivers, GfxBoost, and more!

Windows Phone 7
LG GW910

Apple iPad 3, iPad Mini 2, iPhone 6s

NOTICE: I do not respond to tech support questions through PM.


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